d4vd releases debut EP Petals To Thorns

Photo by Aiden Cullen
May 26 2023


“He's somehow made it even more of a gut-puncher, if you can believe”

triple j (Like A Version)

“Primed to be one the biggest breakout acts this year”


“Here is a very contemporary kind of budding star. d4vd has already cracked the Billboard Hot 100 and the Hot Alternative/Rock charts — though that probably undersells how famous he is”


“d4vd is writing a new kind of love story”


“Don’t let his age fool you. The musician is mature beyond his years (both in the personal and artistic sense). He has a unique ability to make the most inexpressible emotions palpable.”


“Loads of star power…melds genres to fit his vision, with a bit of emo, Y2K retro-rock, and classic soul. Let’s keep a close eye on d4vd.”


“The sounds he creates – often worlds apart from each other – are an exercise in dramatics, a kind of stagecraft where his imagination dictates the weather, the narrative and emotion of it all.”

The Line Of Best Fit

“Crafts emotive indie-leaning gems, breaking through to the mainstream”

DIY Magazine

“As pure a creative as you can get”


“All eyes are on d4vd”

10 Magazine


Sleep Well

Here With Me

This Is How It Feels (feat. Laufey)

Don’t Forget About Me


Backstreet Girl

You and I

Romantic Homicide

The Bridge


Petals To Thorns EP


Today, genre-defying artist d4vd releases his highly anticipated debut EP Petals To Thorns via Darkroom/Interscope. LISTEN TO THE EP HERE.

Petals To Thorns is an introduction and journey into d4vd’s identity as an artist that’s unable to be boxed into a specific genre. Just one year after beginning to make music in his sister’s closet in Houston, d4vd has delivered masterful nine-track project with familiar hits including ARIA Certified Platinum ‘Romantic Homicide’, a grungy, guitar-driven breakup anthem, and Gold ‘Here With Me’, a slow-building beachy ballad, and new tracks showcasing his inimitable sound. The EP establishes d4vd as one of the best new emerging acts, corroborated by his recent Billboard 21 Under 21 honor.

Today, d4vd debuts a video for ‘The Bridge’, a modern melody that draws from early 2000s pop punk, with heavy guitar riffs and palpable percussion. Its accompanying red-tinged, music video perfectly visually encapsulates d4vd’s angst-filled, heartbroken lyrics. WATCH ‘THE BRIDGE’ HERE.

The EP also hears d4vd partner with Icelandic pop-artist Laufey on ‘This Is How It Feels’, an entrancing ballad, heavily rooted in storytelling with d4vd and Laufey communicating through song against twinkling piano keys. The result is something straight out of a fairytale, not dissimilar from the soundtracks of your favorite nostalgic childhood films, but with modern lyrics evocative of the love stories of today.

Earlier this week, d4vd unveiled a live performance video shot in Sydney for his latest single ‘Don’t Forget About Me’, alongside an anime video set to his breakthrough hit ‘Romantic Homicide’ to herald the release of the EP and new merch drops. The anime video opens with d4vd emerging from a giant rose before fully immersing the viewer in his cinematic universe, complete with a battle with his alter ego IT4MI. “I’ve been working on a way to bridge the gaps in my artistry with elements of cinema. The character you see here today is named “IT4MI” which means pain in Japanese. Inspired by manga and anime he is the main antagonist of my entire project. He wears a blindfold for the sole purpose of not being held accountable for the pain he causes” d4vd explains of the character. Welcome to the introduction of the ‘4’ characters in the d4vd universe. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

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