Growing up steeped in the San Diego music scene – known as a haven for hardcore and the birthplace of screamo music (Heroin, Antioch Arrow) – and attending weekly shows at Soma with his parents from the age of eight, LUCIUS‘ musical inspirations are limitless. Soma became like a home to him, where he met some of his best friends and collaborators; and the venue’s owner, Len, became like a godfather to him. By the time he was in middle school, he was writing songs and performing in local bands, engraining him with a deep work ethic and thick skin as a performer. With American R&B, UK pop, electronica, alternative rock, and more all in their own way apparent in his original music, it would soon become the vessel for LUCIUS ARTHUR to understand himself and his internal life. What remains clear today is there is no backing LUCIUS ARTHUR into a corner.

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