Mansion Recordings

Mansion – More than a home. The concept of a mansion is something more than just a house. It’s a home. A home for the many. A group of artists hailing from the west coast of Australia have come together to create a home of their very own, and it’s name is Mansion.

Mansion will quickly become a moniker synonymous with the efforts of these young artists to build something they own, something they can be proud of, something that lives on long after their time has come and gone. All first and second generation immigrants, originally hailing from across Asia and Africa, the mission to build a home in fresh soil is something they all have a unique experience of and a drive to complete.

Each artist under the label brings something unique to the table. Angel fills the air with his high concept SoundCloud-esque style. X4nder channeling the alternative trap sound. Timi Afilaka provides a smooth crooning R’n’B vibe. NWOO the classic boom-bap tunes. ApexAfi covering the dreamy current vibe of hip hop, and Ryanizdead brings the heat in his own style of grime.

Individually unique, but together, Mansion becomes something unseen within the Australian alternative space. Drawing influence from their experiences of immigration, isolation, innovation, Mansion acts are pushed to levels of both intro and introspection that is impossible to fake. Mansion will carve their own path, and create a future in a generation whose current one seems so uncertain.

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