1300 announce cyber dystopia influenced mixtape George arriving April 4 via Eastern Margins, ‘Ape Shit ft. sokodomo’ out now

Photo by Jordan Munns
January 31 2024


“Australian Music Prize Shortlist 2022”

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“#23 NME Best Australian Albums of 2022”

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triple j Unearthed

“triple j and Rage Australian Music Video of the Year”


“Reshaping the local hip hop landscape”

triple j

“It might sound like the plot of a premise of a TV show: a bunch of guys with ordinary day jobs moonlight as one of Australia’s hottest rising acts. But for the members of 1300, that’s simply reality”

The Line Of Best Fit

“[La La Land] is the beginning of their acid rap era”


“1300 deliver a mind-bending piece of overdriven club-rap”


“Even so 1300 made a name for itself among listeners in Australia for its unique sound, and now it has turned its attention to Korea, where there is an audience that will immediately understand their lyrics”

Hypebeast Korea

“…1300 catapults you into the future and leaves you to fill in the blanks of how you got there”

The Guardian

“Their music evades simple definition – it’s a mix of hip-hop, punk, pop and more. Above all, though, it’s highly danceable”

Sydney Morning Herald

“Don't try to describe their sound. Just enjoy it”

VICE Australia

“From their inception, 1300 have steadily showcased a multifaceted approach to modern hip-hop”

NME Australia

“Rapping in both Korean and English, it’s an impressive, totally magnetic display”

PAPER Magazine

“With bilingual lyrics, slick flows, and an almost never-ending sense of movement in each and every bar, 1300 are a truly inimitable creation that defies categorisation”

Rolling Stone Australia

“An assortment of different synths appear like sirens throughout, contrasted with the mortar blasts of bass that occupy the low end. Vocally, 1300 are 1300-ing, unleashing fast-paced rap flurries and ear-catching refrains”

Acclaim Magazine

George Mixtape
April 4, 2024 via Eastern Margins

‘Ape Shit (ft. sokodomo)’ is out now, buy/stream it here.

Today, eccentric rap group 1300 announce their long-awaited next mixtape George due April 4 via Eastern Margins. With the news comes the groups latest single ‘Ape Shit ft. sokodomo’. LISTEN HERE + WATCH HERE.

In a bold convergence of K-Pop, hip hop, gabber, trap, and industrial, the highly-anticipated new mixtape, George, marks a forceful declaration. This audacious musical venture delves into the sonic landscape of navigating the intricate intersection between cultures, encapsulating the experience of straddling realms from Australia to South Korea, and seamlessly blending the worlds of rap and club.

Taking inspiration from the once-innocent primate, Curious George, the mixtape paints a poignant narrative of 1300 grappling with the erosion of youth. George, akin to its namesake, sheds its innocence, symbolising a loss of curiosity. Thematically, the mixtape weaves a tapestry of anxiety, disconnection, and cultural distortion, refracted through the distinct perspectives of individual band members. The latest collaboration of rako, goyo, DALI HART, Nerdie, and pokari.sweat results in a stark exploration of the coming-of-age experience amidst the backdrop of doomscrolling, deepfakes, and digital misinformation.

To celebrate the announcement, 1300 today share their latest cut from the mixtape ‘Ape Shit ft. sokodomo’, a crowd favourite doing the rounds at a string of their recent live shows locally and abroad. Best put in their own words, “Play this song loud and go Ape Shit, don’t overthink it”. The track arrives with a skittish new video directed by @odd.een and assisted by @easymiind, shot during 1300’s time spent in Seoul with a featured appearance from sokodomo.

Pulsating with acid synth-lines, visceral bass punches, and anthemic choruses of world cup stadium proportions, George draws from the expansive depth of their sonic jungle with the help of a stellar ensemble of Korean rap luminaries, featuring the likes of the legendary OG EK, avant-garde rap experimentalist sokodomo, and the dynamic duo odeen & Easymind. A testament to their global perspective, George stands as 1300’s unequivocal statement, blazing a trail for the disenchanted youth with aspirations that resonate from Seoul to Sydney, London to Busan.

1300 enter 2024 with a year of wins under their collective belt – from a consistently inventive output in collab singles with local heavyweights SOLLYY and Kwame in ‘CARDIO!’ and ‘Steve Jobs’, a Valentines Day dedicated mixtape <3, and singles ‘GANTZ ft. EK’ and ‘Lalaland’ that received critical acclaim from the likes of triple j, Clash, The Line Of Best Fit, COLORS, Loud and Quiet, Sniffers, Acclaim Magazine, FBi Radio and more; a sold out Australian East Coast headline tour, signing to celebrated label Eastern Margins (Tohji, LVRA, Rainbow Chan), tours across Korea and Japan for the Road 2 Redline Tour alongside appearances at SXSW Sydney, OzAsia Festival and Someday Soon; landmark sync placements with Riot Games’ League of Legends e-sports tournament, NBA2K24 and American Born Chinese on Disney+.

Sitting in their own indefinable realm, 1300 transcend conventional stylistic categorisation. Their musical essence resides in an eternal state of flux, a perpetual source of astonishment. With a collective prowess in rap and production, the group continuously challenge the boundaries of their peers and the industry at large. Across various formats, 1300’s dynamic presence propels their hip-hop-infused electronic sound into uncharted realms of innovation, unveiling hitherto undiscovered facets of their boundless artistry.

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