DZ Deathrays share ‘My Mind Is Eating Me Alive’ music video

July 6 2023



#1 ARIA Aus Album Chart


#2 ARIA Vinyl Chart


#8 ARIA Album Chart

“Over the course of their last three albums… DZ Deathrays refined their sound. ‘R.I.F.F.’ sees them tear that formula to shreds, though, tapping back into the colourful, nigh-on hedonistic experimentalism of their early work (particularly their 2012 debut ‘Bloodstreams’) while amping up the shred to reach a level of raw, primal punk energy only hinted at on previous efforts. The title stands for ‘Remember It’s For Fun’, and here DZ Deathrays wholeheartedly embody that ethos”

NME Magazine

“For those who have grown up alongside DZ Deathrays and witnessed their meteoric ride to newcomers discovering DZ for the very first time, R.I.F.F will feel equally fresh and sentimental as the group relish in their roots while also astonishingly challenging their own creative confines over a decade on since forming as a band. The world may be a mess, but there’s still fun to be had, and DZ Deathrays deliver it in spades. A tactile and vivacious undertaking that makes you think while lashing you with oscillating punk and more modern textures, R.I.F.F is modern rock cooked to perfection.”

Hysteria Magazine (9/10)

“With a renewed point of focus, the trio’s creative juices are now channelled towards coalescing that trademark dance-punk hybrid they have concocted and placing it within a lusher parlour of delectable pop melodies and indie-rock splendour. But rest assured, their music is still imbued with that ‘springtime of your life’ exuberance, and R.I.F.F. remains a palpable touchpoint to those filthy, ‘cyberpunk’-style thrills the group cut their teeth on during their nascent, formative years.”

STACK Magazine

“DZ Deathrays have solidified their position as pioneers, showcasing unrivaled musical talent and an unwavering dedication to pushing creative limits. Their newest masterpiece, R.I.F.F., stands as a testament to their tireless quest for sonic exploration, captivating audiences with its daring fusion of genres.”

Happy Magazine

“As is their wont, DZ Deathrays deal countless expletives (especially “motherfucker”s), thrilling riffs, drum demolition and rallying vocals throughout R.I.F.F. (an acronym for Remember, It's For Fun)... DZ Deathrays create ideal smash-room soundtracks. And 15 years’ experience as touring mad dogs translates to all-time-high technical chops, which makes album number six their best set yet.”

Beat Magazine

“With a devoted fan base that knows no bounds, DZ Deathrays have built a reputation as one of the country's most dedicated musical acts”

Triple M

“Rip-roaring, hooky-as-hell punk-edged bangers from this Australian group, with harmonies as huge as the riffs””


“Edgy, bold and alluring and shows just how far DZ Deathrays have come down the road to rock and roll success”


“DZ Deathrays don’t ever slow down… the Brissy punk icons continue to prove they’re a force like any other””

Life Without Andy

“A refreshing change of sonic pace”

Messed! Up Magazine



Hope For The Best

Tuff Luck


Shadow Walk

King B

My Mind Is Eating Me Alive

Grounded Or Dead

Eat You Up

Slow Down Interlude

Love & Destruction

No Talk


R.I.F.F. LP is out now, buy/stream it here.

In the wake of their sixth studio album, R.I.F.F., DZ Deathrays unveil their latest music video for ‘My Mind Is Eating Me Alive’, directed by Rhys Bennett. This August to September, DZ Deathrays will debut R.I.F.F. live across a series of regional dates, supported by Press Club and dust. WATCH VIDEO HERE + BUY TICKETS HERE + LISTEN TO R.I.F.F. HERE.

Boasting a creative integrity and ambition that maintains their place at the forefront of the national punk frontier with a hungry, enduring and rampant fanbase all these years later,  including highlights ‘Paranoid’ (most recently Q Music Award-winning in the ‘Heavy’ category), ‘King B’ and ‘Tuff Luck’, R.I.F.F. has seen the band break records again on the ARIA charts, debuting in the top ten across the Aus Album (#1), Vinyl (#2) and Album (#8) Charts.

The reviews locally and abroad unanimously branded the album as DZ Deathrays’ most accomplished sonic release yet, across NME Magazine, Hysteria, Life Without Andy, Scenestr, Mixdown Magazine, STACK, Beat Magazine, Pilerats, Happy, The Music, Kill Your Stereo, Music Feeds, RAGE, Triple M, triple j, 4ZZZ, Edge Radio, SYN amongst others; joined internationally across Bandcamp, Kerrang, Clash Magazine, DIY, Ghost Cult, Distorted Sound and more.

The triple j and iHeart Australia playlisted ‘My Mind Is Eating Me Alive’, encapsulates the record’s sentiment through new music video by Rhys Bennett. He reveals “The conventional filmmaking rule book went out the window on this clip. We decked out my living room with a wobbly green screen and hand painted a treadmill green to submerge the band into a chaotic psychedelic dystopia. With over a decade of awesome music videos under their belt, it’s a daunting task to direct a clip for one of your favourite Aussie bands, however I’m stoked with the end result and hoping it’s a fitting visual accompaniment to the track.”

R.I.F.F. is DZ Deathrays’ most experimental, enhanced and immediately resonant record yet, boasting a consistent finesse that stands by their roots with a modern, high-definition sheen. From every house party that took them to 1000+ capacity venues and beyond, Shane Parsons, Simon Ridley and Lachlan Ewbank, have never let go of their core objective in doing it because they can. It’s this ethos, far from the perspective of egoism or fame-driven motivation, but rather their core value to ‘do’, ‘make’, ‘challenge’ and ‘enjoy’ that has stuck with DZ Deathrays at every step.

Experience R.I.F.F. live, DZ Deathrays’ latest chapter in their indispensable legacy at Australia’s frontier of rock. Find all tour routing + ticketing info BELOW.

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