700 Feel announce double EP Muscle Memories out Sep 7 + share ‘FAMILIAR FLAVOURS’

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August 18 2023


“700 Feel is an explosive force that is constantly evolving”

FBi Radio

“700 FEEL uses countless samples, from countless genres, to create interesting and unique textures, taking it back to OG DJ days when all you’d have is a few vinyls, a tabletop, and a willingness to push the boundaries of sound”


“A class act”

Dave Ruby Howe (triple j Unearthed)

“Really tapping into that strange, weirdness you wanna hear in the early, early hours of the morning. I love the glitchy, hip hop, industrial feel to it”

Claire Mooney (triple j)

“I don’t think I can fault anything 700 Feel releases; kudos to their ability range for the sheer span of sounds they touch so delicately on. Sounds like home, from home - these boys are onto something special”

Deepa (Sunset on FBi Radio)

“The two lads mould their unique stories, journeys and their experiences in Western Sydney to create a sonic palette that is as unique as it is welcoming”

Acclaim Magazine

“Be blown away by skewing rhythms, unfamiliar structure and vibe while feeling at home in their warmth, soul and personality”

Purple Sneakers

Sep 7, 2023


‘FAMILIAR FLAVOURS’ is out now, buy/stream here.

700 Feel, the captivating electronic project of Jonny Reebok and Myspacejuan, today unveil their next project, double EP series titled Muscle Memories, with Volume 1 dropping on September 7. With the news they share their latest single ‘FAMILIAR FLAVOURS’. LISTEN HERE.

‘FAMILIAR FLAVOURS’ plays like rolled-out dough, stretched and tossed to broken beat’s deepest crevices. Picking up where their earlier sultry work in ‘4 Ya Kiss / 4 Ya Bliss’ left off, a rumbling riff expands with light plucks and triggers of percussion that skiffle, sway and snake unto itself. ‘FAMILIAR FLAVOURS’ builds from its own elements into a maze of fury, with a de-constructed jazz break midway, only to slither back to the beginning in its own demolition.

In their words, the duo share ‘FAMILIAR FLAVOURS’ is “our take on dembow inspired, Bruk goodness, heavily inspired by our love for old-school broken beat and its tendency for fusion. As a tribute to where it all started we re-sampled the spoken word “energy flows free” from the track KSET on our first mixtape.” Lifted from Volume 1 of their upcoming Muscle Memories double EP release, ‘FAMILIAR FLAVOURS’ is an indication of what the series offers as a formal introduction to 700 Feel, previously shrouded in lore that placed the two as distinct outliers in the local space.

700 Feel is an experience of sound, sight and sense, with Muscle Memories as the vessel for their virtuosity fully established. Unravelling their purview of patience and growth across twelve tracks, Muscle Memories is the manifestation of their diligent attention to genre – de-constructed and meticulously studied one beat at a time – remoulded into their own cultivation. Experimentations of instrumentation that are never-the-same, spooled in a 700 Feel specific imprint, Muscle Memories is bound by their spirited purpose in the sanctity of kinship, meditation and reflection side by side with their own stories and experiences abroad and at home with the universally understood insular and communal.

Speaking to the double EP release, 700 Feel share “We’ve come a long way and constantly, quietly experimenting throughout the years has made working together feel second nature to us. We got that 700 Feel muscle memory. The EP name is also inspired by our own memories… or rather the memories we think we can’t escape. Often times those run deep into our very bones and muscles and organs. Left alone with your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, we all have to face them one way or another, in order to overcome them.”

The announcement follows their earlier triumph ‘BRIDGES GET BURNT’, a Ratking dedicated single that marked both a major homecoming for the cult underground two-piece, as it did their claim for the mainstream. Recent curators of an evening at the Powerhouse Museum featuring the Godriguez Trio, Szem, R-T-FAX and others; recipients of the museum’s Generations Fellowship in partnership with Create NSW and Astral People; faces of Roland’s unprecedented collaboration with Pseushi and Above The Clouds to launch their AIRA Compact; to the talk of packed out sets at Oxford Art Factoryand the Art Gallery Of NSW that culminated in an FBi SMAC Nomination for Best Live Act, 700 Feelhave only just begun.

As purposeful with every step as they excitedly set ablaze their own path forward, 700 Feel are global in sound and influence but firmly rooted in the community and collectivism that surrounds them. Since their breakout with ‘T1 Western’ / ‘Back 2 The Area’, 700 Feel are fast establishing themselves as the next innovative offering in the electronic space with tracks and mixes featured across NTS, Radio Alhara, Amok Radio, Hanoi Community Radio, dublab, KEXP, Kaltblut Magazine, triple j, RAGE, FBi Radio, RTR FM, Acclaim Magazine, Purple Sneakers and more. With praise for their unique brand of “electronic music that is equal parts infatuating as it is experimental,” and their ability to “once again take you on a trip like very few others in the scene,” 700 Feel are destined to transcend.

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