700 Feel announce Muscle Memories: Volume 2 out Nov 3 + watch rumbling ‘5d Dub’

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October 6 2023


“700 Feel specialise in sexy, low-lit dance music that recalls the champagne-soaked minimal house of The Soft Pink Truth and Loraine James”

The Guardian Australia

“An explosive force that is constantly evolving”

FBi Radio

“700 FEEL uses countless samples, from countless genres, to create interesting and unique textures, taking it back to OG DJ days when all you’d have is a few vinyls, a tabletop, and a willingness to push the boundaries of sound”


“A class act”

Dave Ruby Howe (triple j Unearthed)

“Really tapping into that strange, weirdness you wanna hear in the early, early hours of the morning. I love the glitchy, hip hop, industrial feel to it”

Claire Mooney (triple j)

“I don’t think I can fault anything 700 Feel releases; kudos to their ability range for the sheer span of sounds they touch so delicately on. Sounds like home, from home - these boys are onto something special”

Deepa (Sunset on FBi Radio)

“The two lads mould their unique stories, journeys and their experiences in Western Sydney to create a sonic palette that is as unique as it is welcoming”

Acclaim Magazine

“Be blown away by skewing rhythms, unfamiliar structure and vibe while feeling at home in their warmth, soul and personality”

Purple Sneakers

700 FEEL
Nov 3, 2023

5d Dub
BEG To Toplicin Venac
Bridges Get Burnt, Lessons Get Learnt
Sbahn From Heerstrasse
Mise En Place feat. Pei

‘5D DUB’ is out now, buy/stream it here.

700 Feel, the electronic partnership of Jonny Reebok and Myspacejuan today announce the second volume of their Muscle Memories double EP series, due this November 3. With the news comes their latest single and video, ‘5d Dub’. LISTEN + WATCH HERE.

Stereo-bursting bass, de-constructed garage and broken beat abound ‘5d Dub’, awash with breaks flung from all dimensions. Ruminating on the mantra, “You need to vibrate higher”, the release highlights 700 Feel’s experimental ears from rumbling percussion to sampling, each kick and trigger cut and pasted in sporadic ways and never-the-same way twice. Breathing new life into the quantised nature of production, ‘5d Dub’ is a newly felt sensation in the 700 Feel canon.

In their own words, they reveal that ‘5d Dub’ “feels like a freaky, percussive portal to the 5D world. Tribal roughness, footwork patterns, deconstructed breaks. Largely inspired by the 5D vocal sample we used from Death Grip’s ‘Black Google’ which contains all the stems from their mixtape Exmilitary. The artwork is by Killjoy and it’s basically a deconstruction of who we are. All the Sydney homies and inspiration are on there and they make up who we are. Video animation and concept by Craig Stubbs-Race. We’re still sweethearts despite our aggression and he fully encapsulated that in the video for this track. 5D shadow boxing.”

700 Feel is an experience of sound, sight and sense, with Muscle Memories serving as the vessel for their virtuosity fully established. Covering what they consider “the real beginning of the exploration of our sound,”Muscle Memories Vol. 1 and 2 see the duo weave their own stories and experiences abroad and at home with the universally understood, insular and communal in their creative partnership. Unravelling their purview of patience and growth, the double EP series offers a formal introduction to 700 Feel, previously shrouded in lore and “iykyk” status as distinct outliers in the local space.

Speaking to the double EP release, 700 Feel share “We’ve come a long way and constantly, quietly experimenting throughout the years has made working together feel second nature to us. We got that 700 Feel muscle memory. The EP name is also inspired by our own memories… or rather the memories we think we can’t escape. Often times those run deep into our very bones and muscles and organs. Left alone with your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, we all have to face them one way or another, in order to overcome them.”

With the forthcoming Volume 2, they present an extension of their invitation for listeners to pause, relish their surroundings and consider what comes to mind. Already met with support across Pilerats, Music Feeds, 2SER, SYN and more for Volume 1, including Packet Album on FBi Radio. Featuring earlier single ‘Familiar Flavours’, praised by The Guardian for their “remarkable talent for controlling chaos” amongst Spotify playlisting in Fresh Finds (Global) and Experimental, Genre Glitch, Night Shift, Bleeps^glitches, Quirktronica; and the poignant focus track ‘Green N’ Grey’ featuring a vocal sample from a previously incarcerated friend Archie Mike reflecting on loss, time passing by and human connection.

Bound by 700 Feel’s spirited purpose in the sanctity of kinship, meditation and reflection Muscle Memoriesunravels their purview of patience and growth through the double entendre of its title. Composed of their diligent attention to genre – de-constructed and meticulously studied one beat at a time – remoulded into their own cultivation. Their manipulation of tension, space and the intensity of feeling warbles through their diligent attention to genre – de-constructed and meticulously studied one beat at a time – remoulded into their own 700 Feel specific imprint, soon destined to transcend.

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