700 Feel drop first half of double EP Muscle Memories: Volume 1

Photo by LadStreet
September 7 2023


“700 Feel specialise in sexy, low-lit dance music that recalls the champagne-soaked minimal house of The Soft Pink Truth and Loraine James”

The Guardian Australia

“An explosive force that is constantly evolving”

FBi Radio

“700 FEEL uses countless samples, from countless genres, to create interesting and unique textures, taking it back to OG DJ days when all you’d have is a few vinyls, a tabletop, and a willingness to push the boundaries of sound”


“A class act”

Dave Ruby Howe (triple j Unearthed)

“Really tapping into that strange, weirdness you wanna hear in the early, early hours of the morning. I love the glitchy, hip hop, industrial feel to it.”

Claire Mooney (triple j)

“I don’t think I can fault anything 700 Feel releases; kudos to their ability range for the sheer span of sounds they touch so delicately on. Sounds like home, from home - these boys are onto something special”

Deepa (Sunset on FBi Radio)

“The two lads mould their unique stories, journeys and their experiences in Western Sydney to create a sonic palette that is as unique as it is welcoming”

Acclaim Magazine

“Be blown away by skewing rhythms, unfamiliar structure and vibe while feeling at home in their warmth, soul and personality”

Purple Sneakers

MUSCLE MEMORIES: VOLUME 1 is out now, buy/stream here.

700 Feel, the cult-followed, guided by feeling, electronic partnership of Jonny Reebok and Myspacejuan today unveils Volume 1 of their double EP series Muscle Memories. Complete with video by Harry Welsh for ‘GREEN N’ GREY (feat. Archie Mike)’. LISTEN + WATCH HERE.

Through Muscle Memories Volume 1, 700 Feel manifests their diligent attention to genre – de-constructed and meticulously studied one beat at a time – remoulded into their own cultivation. Unravelling their purview of patience and growth through experimentations of instrumentation that are never-the-same, spooled in a 700 Feel specific imprint. Muscle Memories is bound by their spirited purpose in the sanctity of kinship, meditation and reflection side by side with side by side with their own stories and experiences abroad and at home with the universally understood insular and communal. Ruminating thematically on the double entendre of its title, Volume 1 of the series presents a deep excavation of their ability to manipulate tension, space and the intensity of feeling to ruminate on the strength that comes with perseverance.

Most notably through the opening ‘GREEN N’ GREY (feat. Archie Mike)’ whose experience directly encapsulates the “muscle memories” sentiment. Incarcerated for the last four years, including time spent during the pandemic, on ‘GREEN N’ GREY’ Archie speaks to loss, watching life pass by and human connection via spoken word. As their childhood friend, his feature on ‘GREEN N’ GREY’ arrived in 700 Feel’s lap as a demo recorded on a jail phone from a mutual friend. Without prior conversation, they communicate his feelings of loss and endurance through sparse backing instrumentation. Low end that simmers from ear to ear with every sigh, every deep breath, preluded by sombre horns. Archie Mike poignantly celebrates Muscle Memories’ Volume 1 with his own release day from life behind bars.

A stark contrast to the triumphant tone of their earlier releases ‘BRIDGES GET BURNT’ and the skiffling, ‘FAMILAR FLAVOURS’, Archie shares “The lyrics to this song were written in a pretty deep place of loss and isolation. I remember using Bruno Mars’ “Locked out of Heaven” as inspiration for the melody and I wanted to depict a sense of calling out from another world that I was isolated in. It depicts the profundity of the stories we create through our lives, and holding onto those indescribable moments of quietness that come where our thoughts are clearest. In that quietness, there’s a deep urge to call out, to see if anyone’s out there. The beautiful thing is there are people out there, that feel you. The amalgamation of minds, spirits, feelings and sounds is what brought this song together and proves the ever-elusive experience of connection manifested from our deepest and most isolated experiences.”

‘GREEN N’ GREY’s germination highlights just how 700 Feel weave their own stories and experiences abroad and at home with the universally understood, insular and communal in their creative partnership. Of their relationship and nature of collaboration on ‘GREEN N’ GREY’, 700 Feel explain “We knew him as just a kid before he went in and he’s always been a musician at heart. He was taught to play guitar by another inmate and then kept teaching himself by listening to King Krule. The guitar gave him a way to express himself and write songs. One day when some friends visited him, he sang some lines he wrote through the phone. That recording ended up with us and inspired us to write a two of the tracks off Vol 1.”

Of the process, Archie continues “I remember singing it over the jail phone with no idea where it would go or if anything would ever be done with it. A couple years passed and my brothers 700 Feel had put it together with their own sound, and I remember it rocking me to my core. They really kept every intention I had with the pads, maintaining the raw phone vocal sound. It was one of those songs that came together in a strangely perfect way, where none of us had a plan for this when we created our parts to the song, but when it was put together it was made complete.”

700 Feel is an experience of sound, sight and sense, with Muscle Memories serving as the vessel for their virtuosity fully established. Volume 1 reveals what they consider “the real beginning of the exploration of our sound,” including a second feature from Archie Mike on ‘AIN’T SHIT CHANGED’ alongside pieces of field recordings from time spent outside (‘STROLL THRU MALVERN HILLS’) and overheard public transport conversations (‘CDG TO GLICHY’) and freestyle piano chord progressions from Jonny’s father Stu (‘PLAY WHATEVER YOU WANT’ and ‘12 AM ON ERASMUS BRIDGE’). With Volume 2 due later this year, Muscle Memories’ first half invites listeners to pause, relish their surroundings, and consider what comes to mind. Including the earlier single ‘FAMILIAR FLAVOURS’, praised by The Guardian for their “remarkable talent for controlling chaos” amongst Spotify playlisting in Fresh Finds (Global) and Experimental, Genre Glitch, Night Shift, Bleeps^glitches, Quirktronica and more alongside support from Pilerats, Music Feeds, FBi Radio, 2SER and SYN. 700 Feel are destined to transcend.

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