700 Feel unveil new two-track release ‘4 Ya Kiss / 4 Ya Bliss’

Photo by Jonno Revanche
August 31 2022


“Album Of The Week”

FBi Radio

“A class act. Get yourself in the headspace for some introspective house work”

Dave Ruby Howe (triple j Unearthed)

“The two lads mould their unique stories, journeys and their experiences in Western Sydney to create a sonic palette that is as unique as it is welcoming”

Acclaim Magazine

‘4 Ya Kiss / 4 Ya Bliss’ is out now, buy/stream here.

Eora/Sydney-based electronic duo 700 Feel return today with a new two-track release ‘4 Ya Kiss / 4 Ya Bliss’. LISTEN + WATCH HERE.

Following their 2021 self-titled debut LP, ‘4 Ya Kiss / 4 Ya Bliss’ arrives as the result of limitless writing and studio time for 700 Feel. Born in a time of 2021 uncertainty, Jonny Hawkins and Juan Villamor have tied the release to the idea that ‘limitation breeds creativity’, drawing inspiration from the likes of Lee Perry and DJ Screw to weave together sonic experimentation and the exploration of creative boundaries with compelling dexterity.

Speaking to the release, they explain “We’ve always recognised many creative parallels and connections between the worlds ofChopped and Screwed and Dub. Both genres were pioneered by people who used what theyhad and despite their limitations came up with respective sounds that were completely new andunique and whose reach has extended past any and all borders in genres. With their use of Reverb, Delay, and Pitch Control; they createdentire worlds and ecosystems in their music. These two tracks draw heavily on techniques we’ve learned studying these two worlds and our exploration in using the techniques in an electronic context.” The release is also accompanied by a music video ‘4 Ya Kiss’, directed and performed by Maria Juliana Villamor, and edited by Passive Kneeling, replete with fluid choreography in a series of glitch sequence shots.

Watch: ‘4 Ya Kiss’ (Official Music Video)

Over the course of the two tracks, 700 Feel have taken a step forward to establish their warped, genre-defying sound, pulling together ambient electronic, bass-heavy and dub into a sweeping ambit. Carefully constructed, ‘4Ya Kiss / 4 Ya Bliss’ balances sound design with skewing rhythms that are guided by feeling, pushing their music to reach a transportative state that’s as human as it is synthetic.

‘4Ya Kiss / 4 Ya Bliss’ joins their recent self-titled LP and trailblazing debut release ‘T1 Western’ / ‘Back 2 The Area’ which amassed praise from the likes of triple j, FBi Radio, Kaltblut Magazine, dublab, KEXP, RAGE and Acclaim Magazine amongst others. Together, their visceral productions are reminiscent of Mount Kimbie’s subtle bass, Oneohtrix Point Never’s glistening movements and the new-age experimentalism of Dean Blunt. Despite possessing a sound pieced together from around the globe, the duo aim to ground the 700 Feel project very firmly in their Eora / Sydney roots – energised by community and collectivism, they find inspiration in their surroundings and the people and stories that populate the city.

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