Agung Mango shares Genesis Owusu collaboration ‘GUAP POP’

Photo by Tom Lewis
September 8 2022

PRAISE FOR Agung Mango

“Agung Mango has three things vital for success: presence, originality and flawless production”


“Undeniable knack for both writing and producing”

triple j Unearthed

“An exceptional skill for hip-hop beats and rhymes”

The Sydney Morning Herald

“Agung Mango has built his career on not pushing the boundaries, but obliterating them”

Music Feeds

“Cementing himself as one of the exciting new artists rising up from Melbourne’s ripe underground scene”

Acclaim Magazine


Concrete Playground

‘GUAP POP’ is out now, buy/stream here.

Naarm/Melbourne-based rapper and producer Agung Mango today unveils his latest single from his forthcoming EP MAN ON THE GO out October 14, with ‘GUAP POP’ featuring six-time ARIA Award winner Genesis Owusu. LISTEN HERE + WATCH HERE

With his last release ‘RUNAWAY’, Agung Mango demonstrated his ability to cross lines of genres, drawing heavily on experimental rap, jazz, alternative R&B and jazz influences to further cement his distinguishable, unmatched creative fold. ‘GUAP POP‘ revels in an ego that thrives on working overtime to make ends meet for a dream, of which Agung Mango says “It’s about those times where you find yourself working overtime, hustling and beating the mental battles all for the sake of earning a little more. Creatives generally struggle financially until they reach a certain level, and GUAP POP is about that struggle, but also the dedication and hunger to reap the rewards of our hard labour.”

Watch: Guap Pop (Official Music Video)

Radiating lyrically and musically with modern R&B production, smooth vocals and a scene-setting verse from Genesis Owusu, ‘GUAP POP’ is another free-flowing taste of Agung Mango’s forthcoming EP MAN ON THE GO, ‘GUAP POP’ joins his previous release ‘RUNAWAY’ to mark the first taste of new music since his 2021 double-single release ‘120 fps / WISEFOOL’. Produced by long-time collaborators Finbar Stuart and Nikodimos Paleologoudias, ‘GUAP POP’ takes sonic cues from an underground, future-leaning production that channels the likes of J. Cole and slowthai to move through flows and cadences like no one else.

Since his debut in 2017, Agung quickly established himself as one of the most exciting artists to bubble up from Australia’s underground rap scene. Across his two EPs  Son Of Agung,  OPENFORBUSINESS and hit tracks ‘120 fps / WISEFOOL’ and ‘Little Bum’, Agung’s mainstream stature has risen steadily in time with the additional collaborated releases this year with 1300 on ‘No Talk’ and Lucianblomkamp on ‘3023’.

MAN ON THE GO ushers in a new artistic chapter for Agung Mango, one that is fuelled sonically and personally by a renewed focus on self-reflection and experience. Marking the first taste of his forthcoming EP, ‘RUNAWAY’ has been embraced by triple j, FBi Radio and SYN FM with playlist support, alongside praise  from NME, Pilerats, Waevz and more. This September – October, Agung Mango will travel across the country and bring his genre-fusing R&B to more stages across Australia in celebration of his MAN ON THE GO EP. All dates and ticketing details BELOW.

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