Araya shares visceral “Doctor” from Ethos LP out 2/22/22

Photo by Fenn Paider
January 22 2022



Teen Vogue

“Eclectic… a mx of R&B sounds, modern electronic beats, and an artistic approach that is informed by his background in fashion”

Office Mag

“Brooklyn’s Araya has entered the pop arena with a titan’s stance”

DJ Booth

“Undeniable swagger”

Early Rising

“Dances across genre boundaries with ease”


“A jack of all trades”

Lyrical Lemonade

“Doctor” by Araya is out now, buy/stream it here

Araya, aka the most streamed artist on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist for 2021, today shares the last preview of his forthcoming album, Ethos, coming out February 22nd, 2022. “I guess you’re stuck with me instead, ’cause I can’t get you out my head,” he warns from deep in his chest, with harmonies complimenting the warped beat & prominent guitar lines that flutter along the danceable 3 minutes and 10 seconds of a pop song. Listen to “Doctor” HERE and watch the glitchy, textured, scrapbook of video HERE.

Directed by New Jersey filmmaker and founder of multimedia production company Cultivision, Cult Classic, the new music video combines Araya’s background in fashion, design and his love for cinematography with his penchant for building distinct visual languages around his music. It’s a bit unsettling as it layers bits and pieces of Araya’s face together like a moving collage, sometimes dismembering him or distorting him behind textured glass, a smudge of a digital paintbrush, or exaggerated pixels on the screen.

Of the single, Araya says, “‘Doctor’ is a song that plays on a revenge narrative. The metaphorical “Doctor” in the song represents a love interest that drives Araya to the point of questioning his sanity; love that is learnt in a cruel place can turn us into what we fear most.”

Araya is a Brooklyn-based, Thai-Chilean singer & songwriter, who grapples with purpose, identity, and spirituality through his music as he mixes vintage and futuristic sounds into a transfixing blend of R&B, soul, hip-hop, and electronic music. Born and raised in Long Island, NY, Araya has long dreamt of pursuing a career in music. Having written songs since the age of 10, Araya uses music as a medium to comprehend and channel life experiences into reflective tales of self-acceptance and understanding. “My music is mainly inspired by curiosity to forever learn and further investigate certain parts of myself that have led me to a deeper understanding of my place here. Music has provided me a space to dissect my thoughts & experiences in an organic way that is lasting. The drafts of both my perspective and choices come to represent me and my journey,” he says.

COLORS, Teen Vogue, Office Mag, Lyrical Lemonade, Ones To Watch, Remezcla, SPIN, and more have recently sung Araya’s praises. He was also recently selected by Spotify as one of four artists highlighted in their Q4 Fresh Finds Program, Spotify’s first-ever partnership program for independent artists, in which he created & released a Spotify Single with NY based producer Mindchatter, “Lost,” and was subsequently named the most streamed artist on Spotify’s entire Fresh Finds Playlist in 2021.  Where Araya’s previous project, Atlas, represented something of a sonic collage, Ethos stands as a more deliberate and intentional work crafted from the ground up by Araya and his bandmates—Goode, Luca Cuni, and Will Catucci—who leaned on their recent forays into live performance to inform their energy and chemistry in the studio. The result is a striking, existential record that balances the intellectual and the visceral in equal measure.

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