Baird – artist, producer (BROCKHAMPTON, Berhana) – shares “Easy On Them Turns”

October 21 2021
Photo by Leo Johnson

Baltimore-raised, Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist, artist and producer, Baird, today shares his latest single, “Easy on Them Turns,” via EQT Recordings (Masego, Smino, Berhana, JPEGMAFIA). On the cautiously life-affirming new track (inspired by a bike crash the one day it rains in LA), Baird continues to blur the boundaries of genre, stitching together inspirations pieced from all aspects of everyday life, with a backbone of acoustic guitar chords, a swirling, shape-shifting beat, slyly infectious refrain, cut-and-paste samples and headphones-required layers of texture and instrumental choices.

Listen HERE, watch HERE.

Filming the Jack Begert-directed music video, Baird, in a cruel twist of cosmic synchronicity, accidentally reenacted “Easy on Them Turns’” own backstory, crashing through a green screen in the video’s opening shot to sustain a mild concussion and a black eye. Replete with CT brain scan imagery and the ensuing footage of Baird receiving treatment in Urgent Care, the evolution of the visuals into its finished form perfectly mirrors the same in-the-moment creative energy that animates Baird’s music. 

Of the story behind his latest single, Baird shares: “‘Easy on Them Turns’ is a cautionary story. I was biking to the studio, as I do every morning on my electric bike which seems to have a minimum and maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. Around the corner on 23rd and Grand, I leaned a little harder into the turn than I should have. Maybe it was the weight of my backpack, maybe it was my reckless abandon, but I felt the tire loose grip on the ground and before I knew it I was over the handlebars, skidding penguin-style on the road. I was alright — a hole in my jeans and some lost skin, but nothing I couldn’t patch up. Getting up, the hook came into my head. Note to self: Easy on them turns. If I was going to have an ugly scar on my wrist, I might as well get a song out of it”. He continues: “’Easy on Them Turns”’is a song for anyone who rides bikes in cities. For the first 18 months I lived in LA I couldn’t really afford a car and so biking to and from the studio became a daily ritual. I wanted the music to feel fun and exhilarating, like the wind in your face, but unresolved and tense to reflect the stress and constant vigilance that you get riding through DTLA”. 

“Easy on Them Turns” arrives as the first single since Baird’s 2020 mixtape, BIRDSONGS, Vol. 2, which drew acclaim from Complex, Pigeons & Planes, DJ Booth, Lyrical Lemonade, and more. Since then, Baird’s idiosyncratic understanding of songwriting and refined creative vision have allowed him the opportunity to fully immerse himself in LA’s vibrant scene. Most recently, he was credited as a producer, writer and feature artist across 10 tracks on BROCKHAMPTON’s 2021 ROADRUNNER LP, and also has recently collaborated with the likes of Yendry, Berhana, Vegyn, and more.

Floating amidst the liminal space between acoustic songwriting and electronic production, Baird’s sound has absorbed the sounds and timbres wafting through the airs of the three cities he’s recently called “home” – Baltimore, where he grew up, Mexico City, where he spent a post-grad vibrant, immersive sojourn, and Los Angeles, where he now resides. Inspired by an eclectic range of genre-melding musical auteurs, Baird shares Panda Bear’s sense of enthralling, textural songwriting, the whimsical, surfing-through-radio-stations collage approach of Jai Paul and the restless, boundless creativity of Arthur Russell. Charmingly messy and consciously imperfect, delivered with a seemingly off-handed effortlessness, that Baird can condense such influences into the two-minute “Easy on Them Turns” speaks to a naturalized acumen for rule-breaking that can only come from a healthy, foundational knowledge of all the rules he intends to later shatter. 

“Easy On Them Turns” by Baird is out now, buy/stream it here.

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