Behind You call on the wild with new single ‘Big Buck’

May 3 2023


“Independent Artist Of The Week”

FBi Radio

“electrifying and experimentally charged. It's hectic in all the best ways”

Claire Mooney, triple j (4.5 Stars)

“Behind You do more than push the envelope. They systematically terrorise it with relentless accuracy”

Dave Ruby Howe, triple j Unearthed (4 Stars)

“A whiplash giving frenzy of experimental production”


“Arguably one of the country’s most electrifying and fascinating experimental outfits”

Rolling Stone Australia

‘Big Buck’ is out now, buy/stream it here.

Behind You, the caustic cult electronic-punk outfit from Eora / Sydney return today with new single ‘Big Buck’. With the release the group announce their upcoming single launch at Waywards this June 2. LISTEN HERE + TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE.

‘Big Buck’ is as garish as it is anthemic. Juxtaposing the didactic motif of the horned animal against the adage of “bucking up,” the release is centred on a bravado-stricken hunter, thematically coursing through paranoia, the wilderness and chauvinism to paint a picture of the positively delusional. Relayed as directly vocally as it crawls creepily like an R.L. Stine tale, musically side by side with Behind You’s contemporaries in Teether and BAYANG (tha Bushranger).

“Big Buck wants your wallet, keys and hunting license,” explains vocalist Frank Fisher. “It’s gonna stick in your head like the stag you never took down. The bet you never placed. The salad you never ate. It will forget you, but you will never forget Big Buck.”

Returning to their collaboration with engineer Antonia Gauci (Kesha, Troye Sivan, DMA’S), here Behind You are as intentional and matter-of-fact as they ever have been. Frank continues, “We have a pattern of hiding intricate details within a big wall of noise in our sound, but this track is direct, punchy and a little more refined production wise. Maybe there’s a metaphor in the noisy, overwhelming wilderness that our music can be compared to, and the precision in the mix of this particular song – standing out like a hi-vis camo vest in a wash of brambles and dense bush of the B.Y sound.”

Forming in 2017, the Behind You trio consists of vocalist Frank Fisher, producer Joe Goddard, and percussionist Dylan Clay. Steadily the group have crafted a reputation as one of their home city’s cult, must-see live acts, known for captivating audiences with their primal soundscape, feverish magnetism and overall infection – as hypnotic as they are confronting and forward-thinking.

Their recent string of releases in ‘Aries’ and ‘Neck Work’ follow their 2021 EP Absolute Forgiveness, featuring a collaboration with Awabakal / Newcastle experimental duo, Craterface. Behind You garnered critical acclaim for their 2021 singles ‘Burning’ and ‘Extremely‘ gaining coverage from the likes of Rolling Stone and FBi Radio for their fierce releases.

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