Behind You team up with 1300’s Rako, Teether + Bayan (tha Bushranger) on explosive new track ‘The Well’

Photo by Ben Lindberg
August 29 2023


“Behind You break all the rules in the best way possible”

ABC Arts

“At no point is it quiet, with bellowing bass and smashing drums catapulting throughout. At no point is it patient, as they come right out the gate with fiery raps and a shouty cadence”

Acclaim Magazine

“Arguably one of the country’s most electrifying and fascinating experimental outfits”

Rolling Stone Australia

“Behind You make music that will have you losing control of your breath”

FBi Radio

“High octane, high energy, high quality”

Tommy Faith (triple j Unearthed)

“A whiplash giving frenzy of experimental production”


‘The Well ft. Rako, Teether, BAYANG (tha Bushranger)’ is out now, buy/stream it here.

Ahead of their showcase at BIGSOUND next week, Behind You share a megalomanic collab in ‘The Well’ featuring 1300’s Rako, Teether and BAYANG (tha Bushranger). LISTEN + WATCH HERE.

What may be one of Behind You’s most lackadaisical instrumental openers should not be misinterpreted as basic or straightforward. ‘The Well’ is a furious showcase of grit and community with reference to ballys and sallys amongst Rako’s most systolic flow, Teether’s token low drawl and BAYANG’s lad-rap cadence, ‘The Well’ caters to the eshays and hiker bros all at once with a cacophonic display of underground talent.

Behind You explain, “The Well is a new B.Y fantasy. A place for big bucks, mack trucks and shallow dreams. Take a little sip from the Well, or guzzle by the litre. Either way, it’ll get ya where you need to go. The track speaks to losing perspective and clarity in creativity – the type of tunnel vision you might find looking up from a well.” Born from a serendipitous string of circumstances that carved out each potent layer of its genesis, the release highlights each contributing artist’s distinct nature positing ‘The Well’ as an eclectic display of quality over quantity.

They continue, “This song was a work in progress for a long time, and it wasn’t until we let it grow independently from us that its purpose really clicked. First we spoke to Nerdie, who linked us with Rako and put the verse down with him. Then we played a show with BAYANG and figured he could spit a verse of this track we were working on. And finally Teether – who we’d been put onto by Shady Nasty after they played with his band Too Birds – was the missing piece of the puzzle. Each verse is so different – each flow dynamic in its own way. B.Y beats don’t fit with just any rapper; they can be a little cryptic to find a place within – but for Rako, Teether and BAYANG – the first thing they sent us was golden.”

Backed by some of the country’s leading stars of the experimental hip hop scene: Rako from trailblazing Korean-Australian outfit 1300, frontrunning experimental vocalist Teether, frequent collaborator with Kuya Neil, Too Birds and metal-influenced rapper BAYANG (tha Bushranger) formerly of Dispossessed, what links each act here is shared values in community, aspirations and consistent drives to share and uplift, forging connections beyond themselves in a space where mainstream representation of the microcosm they occupy is far and fleeting.

Of ‘The Well’s origins, BAYANG shares “My involvement on this track with Behind You initially stemmed from them needing a verse just for a live performance – they told me one of the feature rappers couldn’t make their show. However once I found out it was Teether, I was determined to take his spot. Alas we’re both on the track now. Such is live laugh love or whatever.” Rako exclaims “This song gives you energy like 8t truck with no brakes. In the lyrics I say I’m on unleaded 91 instead of e10. If this song blows up, I’ll be using Premium Petrol 98 for sure.”

Rounding out the critical acclaim that followed from Rolling Stone, ABC Arts and more across their earlier releases ‘Aries’ and ‘Neck Work’, Behind You’s recent single ‘Big Buck’ broke through to mainstream support for their “unique blend of punk, rap and electronica” (Resident Advisor) across Acclaim, VICE, Pilerats, The Music, Beat Magazine, triple j Unearthed, Home and Hosed’s Ash McGregor, Edge Radio and more. Experience the dynamic punk-hip hop hybrid outfit in full at the BIGSOUND debut next month and SXSW in October.

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