boy pablo shares new song ‘leave me alone!’, Wachito Rico LP out Oct 23 via 777 Music

September 23 2020

Norwegian bedroom pop star boy pablo today shares his new single ‘leave me alone!’ along with B-side ‘be with me‘. Listen HERE

The track is probably his most catchiest, most blissed out and radio-friendly tracks he has written to date.  His debut album Wachito Rico (out October 23, 2020 on 777 Music)You can pre-order here. He has also announced an extensive Spring 2021 tour, covering Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, the UK, Portugal, Spain and more. Tickets can be purchased at:

While his career took off in 2017 with the viral, outsider-pop anthem ‘Everytime‘, boy pablo‘s Nicolas Muńoz has since found himself more connected to his art than ever. While boy pablo initially started out as a project just for fun, Muńoz, now 21, has since honed a cohesive, creative vision, becoming a fully-fledged force to be reckoned with in the indie-pop space. 

The roll out to his highly anticipated debut album has seen boy pablo rapidly expanding his audience on the back of singles ‘hey girl‘ and ‘honey‘ as well as their serialised music videos telling the tale of ‘wachito rico‘. Wachito is the title character of the album and pablo’s alter ego that has curly hair. The series continues with his new single ‘rest up‘ and b-side ‘people‘, songs about mental health/anxiety and loneliness/depression respectively. Although the tracks deal with some darker and more serious subject matter they still carry pablo’s signature care-free, upbeat and super catchy touch. 

Speaking on ‘leave me alone!‘ boy pablo shares:“This is actually one of the first songs I’ve written on tour. I wrote the demo in Montreal with Esteban last year. The song is based on a feeling I remember from when I was a little kid. I was at a birthday party and I was having so much fun, and then my parents say that we had to go home, completely out of nowhere, and I was so disappointed and grumpy the rest of the night. I finished the song in the studio where I produced it with Esteban and Erik It was one of the fun songs to record.” 

As for ‘be with me‘, he says:“I started making this song when I was living with Erik, and he was putting his son to sleep. I brought it to the studio and I finished making the song with Esteban and Erik. A good friend of mine, Benjamin Schandy (better known as Jimi Somewhere) wrote the second verse and I got to sing his verse, which is a thing I haven’t done much before. When we were making plans for how the album would sound like, the song came up, but it sounded too different compared to what I wanted the album to sound like. But it was too good of a song to just keep it unreleased.” 

More info on Wachito Rico:
Taking its title from a Chilean expression that translates to a fondness for a “handsome boy”, pablo’s debut LP is a hybrid conceptual and autobiographical record, tracing the ebbs and flows of the titular character’s love story while threading this narrative through with pablo’s own experiences as a young man, blurring the identities of Wachito Rico and the real-life Nicolas Muñoz into one curious, indistinguishable whole.

leave me alone!‘ by boy pablo is out now via 777 Music,
buy/stream it here.

Wachito Rico LP
Out October 23 on 777 Music 
Pre-order here.

1. hope she loves me back
2. hey girl
3. leave me alone! 
4. honey
5. rest up
6. te vas // don’t go
7. aleluya 
8. come home 
9. mustache 
10. vamos a la playa 
11. wachito rico 
12. nowadays 
13. i <3 u 


Boy Pablo make the kind of balmy daydream music that perfectly assuages the sting of a breakup, making it clear that their success is more than a viral fluke”

‘Everytime’ was good. Really bloody outstanding, in fact; so much so that it cut through the barrage of adverts and caught people’s attention

You want to listen to his tunes, but also talk shit and make memes with him”

“In just over a year gone from one-hit-wonders to Norwegian Grammy winning, Coachella-playing champs”

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