Broken Bells share new single + video ‘We’re Not In Orbit Yet’

Photo by Shervin Lainez + Nikki Fenix
June 30 2022

‘We’re Not In Orbit’ is out now, buy/stream it here.

Broken Bells, the musical partnership of Brian Burton (Danger Mouse) and James Mercer (The Shins) are back with the first song from their third full-length album, INTO THE BLUE, coming soon via AWAL. 

In the unique and unmistakable signature style that Broken Bells have perfected since their Grammy-nominated 2009 debut, ‘We’re Not In Orbit Yet…’ conjures interstellar soundscapes via sublime melodies undercut with the slightest tinge of the sinister. Listen here: 

As is Broken Bells’ wont, the song is both gorgeous and ominous, featuring quasi-hypnotic backing vocals that emulate the siren song of a master brainwasher. The band’s lush soundscapes complement its dark lyrics perfectly as always. It’s not the Shins, it’s not Danger Mouse, it’s Broken Bells.

An accompanying music video featuring Broken Bells’ cosmic imagery and ominous sci-fi visuals was directed by Johnny Chew and can be viewed here:

Full details of INTO THE BLUE are shortly forthcoming.

“Gonna make new tracks
as we turn our backs on the stars
Warning us
‘Stay where you are'”