Brooklyn punks TVOD share “Poppies” + “Since You Been Away”

Photo by Jess Gurwitz
June 7 2023


“"one of the city's most exciting up-and-coming bands."”


“"loud and fun and good” ”

Oh My Rockness

“13 New Songs Out Today: "Brooklyn post-punks TVOD have shared this pounding new single, ['Goldfish']"”

Brooklyn Vegan

“"a blast of driving no-frills punk, capturing both the band’s irrepressible persistent energy and their surprisingly sticky melodies."”

Under The Radar

“Poppies” and “Since You Been Away are out now, listen here.

Today, Brooklyn punk band TVOD (Television Overdose) share their new double single “Poppies” and “Since You Been Away,”  two songs that expand upon their reputation for an unapologetically raw stage performance. They’ll also hit the road on tour with THICK. More info on tour HERE, Listen to “Poppies” and “Since You Been Away” HERE.

TVOD Is hellbent on bathing in the blood of punk rock infamy, trudging their own path and cutting through the noise in the glow of artists like Iggy Pop, Viagra Boys, or Warmduscher. Drenched in beer and sweat, the uncontainable raw emotion you experience while the band’s on stage is not lost on recording, although it’s definitely not something you’ll want to miss. These two singles out today are proof that the band is more than a night out that lasts until 7am or a shot of tequila before you head into the pit to get soaked in someone else’s sweat. They’re motivated by the honesty of each moment and reflective of our time here on earth – on a societal and personal level – as exemplified by the duality in the two singles out today. 

Of “Poppies,” frontman and lyricist Tyler Wright says, “Wrote this song after reading In Flanders Fields by John McCrae. I was watching a lot of WW1 documentaries at the time when I came across this poem written about the battles at Ypres Salient, Belgium. I was struck by the image John painted of these beautiful poppies growing on a battlefield where so much pain and death had been experienced. He used the poppy to symbolize the remembrance of the men who lost their lives on that battlefield. ‘if I lay sideways, I can still hear the sound of your heartbeat’ was a lyric I wrote after picturing the horror of what the battles must have been like. WW1 was primarily fought in trenches along the western front and it was not uncommon for soldiers to be fighting literally on top of their fallen comrades. I wanted to further honor these men with this song and keep the spirit of their bravery in our hearts.”  

In contrast, “Since You Been Away,” was written about the personal pain of being in a long distance relationship. His partner on tour, Wright grappled with the impossible task of expressing just how much you miss someone with words alone: “no phone call will ever replace the touch of a loved one,” he says.

Since forming in 2019, TVOD have solidified themselves as a Brooklyn band not to be missed. There’s an almost childlike, carefree lens we look through in a lot of TVOD’s music, like in “Party Time” or “Goldfish,” that’s inexplicably freeing to be brought into. However, it goes much deeper than that as exemplified by today’s singles and the momentum with which they’re moving. They recently recorded a live session with Rolling Stone, who called them “one of the city’s most exciting up-and-coming bands,” and they have more fans at Brooklyn Vegan, Under The Radar, and more. They’ve toured extensively across the US, having recently wrapped a packed SXSW, and this upcoming tour with THICK sets their sights on even greater things to come.

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