Camp Cope share new music video for ‘Running with the Hurricane’

July 7 2022


“Camp Cope have always been loud, fearless, and sincere but on their tender third album, they’re more confessional than confrontational”

triple j

“As receptive and unflinching as ever””

The New York Times

“Fearless, minimalist punk… But beyond the bombast, in the band’s quieter moments, singer Georgia Maq’s honest introspection feels just as powerful”


“Shifting away from the gnawing, emo-inflected power-pop of their first two albums, Camp Cope ask: Can softness be as invigorating as fury?”

Pitchfork (7.8/10)

“Maq’s singing, always powerful, is more beautiful than it has ever been before… a wonderful return, and well worth the four year wait”

NARC (5/5)

“It’s heart and soul that shines through… They’ve never been better”

Upset (5/5)

“Distinct, crooning and softly beautiful”

DIY Mag (4/5)

“In spite of its softness, this is music that knows its own power yet wields it graciously, both sonically and lyrically”

Kerrang! (4/5)

“An intimate collection of tender-hearted indie rock”

Rolling Stone (3.5/5)

“Running With the Hurricane is golden and soulful, tender and huge-hearted”

The Guardian

“If there’s a Morrissey-esque lilt in Maq’s vocals, there’s also an echo of his famous plea, that it “takes guts to be gentle and kind”, in the album’s spirit”

Sydney Morning Herald

“Running With the Hurricane offers enticing glimpses of a more settled band, one teeming with soft hope and resolute joy”

Under The Radar

“An early contender for album of the year”

STACK Magazine

Running with the Hurricane
One Wink at a Time
The Screaming Planet
Love Like You Do
The Mountain
Say the Line
Sing Your Heart Out

Running With The Hurricane LP is out now, buy/stream it here.

Camp Cope, beloved power-emo trio, today share the music video for their latest album’s title track ‘Running with the Hurricane’, in celebration of their current US tour dates. WATCH HERE.

Today’s visual arrives as Camp Cope‘s third-ever music video and first collaboratively directed, produced and stylised narrative visual, of which they share “the video was made on beautiful Wurundjeri Country and it’s like a moment in time for us as a band. We were getting ready to fly out to the US for our first international tour since the pandemic started. Kelly is six months pregnant in it and keeps rocking out. Jenny who has started playing live with us graciously said yes to being in it even though she didn’t realise what it was for. We really wanted to capture the energy of the song, and that sometimes the only way out is up. And like who doesn’t like to get dressed up and do funny things with leafblowers all day (besides Thomo obv).”

Co-directed by James J Robinson and Rachael Morrow, with a feature from touring live show member, Jennifer Aslett. The title track to the trio’s third LP, ‘Running With The Hurricane’ is the penultimate peek of this album, heralded as  “golden and soulful” by The Guardian, “tender-hearted” by Rolling Stone and “unabashedly beautiful” by triple j and more.

Visually, ‘Running With The Hurricane’ plays like a carousel ride, threading the performance of each member by their unity as a band. Georgia’s vocal performance is fearless as always, uplifted by Kelly’s subtle bass and Sarah’s consistent drums. Here Camp Cope captures the song’s depth with a visual performance that shifts as it progresses, illustrating their strength together versus apart.

In a second-time collaboration, James J. Robinson says “Camp Cope’s music has gotten co-director Rachael and I through some tough times together. Rachael introduced me to their music at a time I needed reminding that art can heal, which is the moving goal of all the work I create. I love Running With the Hurricane because sonically the band pull you out of a spiral of self-doubt, using both vulnerability and power as their weapons. With the video, we wanted to translate that to a visual language: walking the very fine line between being candid but intentional, empowering but sincere, serious but also very not-serious.”

Rachael Morrow elaborates “Camp Cope as a whole have always resonated with me; a comfort in some pretty hard times, all by being unashamedly honest. Their work examines the complexities of what it means to be human, and how we attempt to move through this world alone and together. That kind of courage is an example of how artistic vulnerability can be a spark for change on such a variety of levels. I loved working on this project as it allowed James and myself to explore the song visually, creating something that we felt reflected the chaos and relief that comes with growth.”

Following their critically acclaimed album How to Socialise & Make Friends (2018), Camp Cope‘s third LP Running With The Hurricane breathes growth for the trio, both personally and professionally, and sees the band older, wiser, and more at peace with the world. Reflecting on faltered romances, secret crushes and vibrating with the confidence that makes you feel like you’re on fire. It’s about taking comfort in knowing who you are, feeling yourself and returning, always, to the city of Naarm / Melbourne. If Camp Cope‘s self-titled debut (2016) was the spark, and How to Socialise & Make Friends (2018) was the fire, Running With The Hurricane is Camp Cope in the calm after the storm.

Its release has been met with a stream of praise across tastemakers globally, revelling in the band’s empowering embrace of new sonic and lyrical ground. Across their recording and first live show performances in four years, Camp Cope trades searing vocals and fierce riffs for pianos, multi-instruments, harmonies and more. Previewed through their US television debut on CBS Saturday Mornings and their recent unhesitant cover of Sam Fender‘s ‘Seventeen Going Under‘ for triple j’s Like A Version. Camp Cope will precede their North American tour this month, with all dates and ticketing details down below.

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