Carlos Niño, Surya Botofasina, & Adam Rudolph Share New EP ‘Live at Public Records 12/10/2022’

Photo by Todd Weaver
February 22 2024

Meta-Ideations – Live
Brooklyn Zoom, Brooklyn Zoom – Live
It’s Nice and Warm Inside, Warm Inside . . . – Live
Finite – Infinite – Live

Live at Public Records 12/10/2022 is out now, buy/stream it here.

Today, Carlos Niño, Surya Botofasina, and Adam Rudolph share Live at Public Records 12/10/2022 via International Anthem Recording Company. Listen to the live EP here.

On December 10th, 2022, Carlos Niño and Photay assembled a beautiful cast of musicians at Brooklyn’s Public Records to perform in celebration of their recently-released International Anthem LP An Offering (and the subsequent mixtape of bonus material, More Offerings).

The first set of that night featured Niño in trio with keyboardist Surya Botofasina and percussionist Adam Rudolph, as the three musicians immersed the sold out crowd in a soul tribe invitational – calling forth their generational inner illuminations through each element of sound and song, spontaneously composing the music by listening, sharing, and calling upon their creative imaginations. The recording from that first set was originally released exclusively via Qobuz in Summer 2023 (as an extension of International Anthem’s series at Public Records), along with an additional track from the second set, “Finite – Infinite,” featuring Photay, Laraaji, and Will Logan.

Carlos Niño is currently on Tour with André 3000 as a producer, percussionist and music director. He is also continuously making albums — Adam Rudolph is one of Carlos’s closest mentors, friends and collaborators. They have known each other since 1995, working on projects by Adam’s Hu Vibrational, Go: Organic Orchestra, and more.

Surya Botofasina and Carlos have been building together in various sonic and energetic ways, configurations and ensembles (for over a decade, but much more so in the last five years), including as a duet, in trio with Nate Mercereau, as part of Carlos Niño & Friends, as part of André 3000’s New Blue Sun Live, and now with Adam Rudolph as a trio.