Caroline Rose presents new single/video ‘Tell Me What You Want’ + upcoming LP The Art Of Forgetting out March 24 via New West Records

Photo by Cristina Fisher
March 9 2023

PRAISE FOR Caroline Rose

“Caroline Rose returns with a brave document of turmoil and heartbreak full of sumptuous arrangements and powerful lyrics”


“[The Art of Forgetting is] a 14-track confession overflowing with intense, raw emotion and brutal honesty”

American Songwriter

“‘Miami’ finds a near gear with a war-like drumbeat and deep growls of an electric guitar for the chorus”


“Caroline Rose has traversed multiple styles since her 2014 debut album, from countryish roots-rock to gleaming electronic pop. None of them forecast the ghostly and then overwhelming ‘Love/Lover/Friend’… As she announces ‘I am your love,’ a string orchestra surges in, and further avowals …summon massed, Balkan-tinged vocals, as if that revelation is both ecstatic and humbling”

New York Times

“LONER is a singular artistic statement, from its unforgettable album art all the way down. It represents for her a major change—a change she totally commands”

Pitchfork (7.6)

“Future ‘Superstar’ Caroline Rose”


“Artist To Watch: Caroline Rose is a fascinating person, from DIY production trickery to her multi-role star turns in her videos”


The Art Of Forgetting LP
March 24 via New West Records

Love / Lover / Friend
Better Than Gold
Everywhere I Go I Bring the Rain
The Doldrums
The Kiss
Stockholm Syndrome
Tell Me What You Want
Florida Room
Love Song For Myself
Jill Says
Where Do I Go From Here?

‘Tell Me What You Want’ is out now, buy/stream it here.

Caroline Rose’s The Art of Forgetting, out March 24th on New West Records, is a “brave document of turmoil and heartbreak full of sumptuous arrangements and powerful lyrics” (Bandcamp). Today, Caroline Rose  (they/she) presents a new single and video, ‘Tell Me What You Want‘, which chronicles conflicting feelings nearing the end of a relationship. LISTEN HERE + PRE-ORDER THE ART OF FORGETTING HERE.

Although the album largely deals with regret and grief, loss and change, shame and the inevitability of pain, on ‘Tell Me What You Want‘ Rose’s impish humour pops up unexpectedly: “I’m beating my head // Against the dashboard of your compact car // Just tell me what you want // Testing testing // Is this thing on? // Boy, you’re gonna hate this song // Tell me what you want.” It showcases the kind of dark comedy with which we’ve become familiar in their catalog, fusing upbeat melodies with oft-hilariously deflating lyrics.

Rose further elaborates on ‘Tell Me What You Want‘, “When I listen to this I really feel for myself during that time. My head was like a cesspool of voices trying to tell me what to do. You know, the end of a relationship can be so confusing. There are all these emotions swirling around and really no handbook. You realize when all your attempts to connect with your partner aren’t working, you either have to find a way to stick it out or leave…  And both options suck. This song is about being in that pickle of desperation, between trying to protect yourself and feeling the immense guilt and regret of walking away from someone you love.” 

Additionally, Rose and director Sam Bennett   announce The Art of Forgetting short film, which is a loose recreation of real-life events. Each of the film’s three chapters weaves together a story of Rose navigating a transformative heartbreak. The ‘Tell Me What You Want‘ video is a chapter of the film; which picks up where the ‘Miami‘ video ends.

Caroline Rose says, “It’s strange to recreate things that happened in the past, in the places where they happened, because they are obviously not the same as they were. I was trying to put my finger on this feeling and someone mentioned the Brazilian Portuguese word ‘saudade,’ a sensation that blends nostalgia, melancholy, desire and longing all in one. It was this but (literally) through the lens of a simulation.”

The Art of Forgetting film will premiere on Thursday, March 23rd via youtube and feature a live Q+A with Rose. Access to the watch party is open to anyone who pre-orders The Art of Forgetting before March 22. Additionally, there will be two free, in-person screenings of the film on March 24th at a release day party at Tower Records in Brooklyn. Space is limited and RSVP is required. A wide release of the film will take place in the coming months (details to be announced at a later date).

Caroline Rose will embark on an expansive North American tour this spring. Following, they’ll head across the pond to Europe. Tickets for all dates are on sale now and a full list of dates can be found at

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