Caroline Rose shares introspective new single ‘The Doldrums’

Photo by Cristina Fisher
February 16 2023

Caroline Rose (they/she), “has traversed multiple styles since her 2014 debut album, from countryish roots-rock to gleaming electronic pop” (The New York Times), and her recently-announced new album, The Art of Forgetting, out March 24 via New West Records, is their most dynamic yet. For the first time, Rose’s music teems with raw, intense emotion, as presented in today’s eerie new single, ‘The Doldrums‘. LISTEN HERE + PRE-ORDER THE ART OF FORGETTING HERE.

Following the rousing ‘Miami‘, on ‘The Doldrums‘ over fluttering instrumentation, the narrator describes seeing a past self: “In a dream // There’s someone I hate // A smile creeps across my face // As they burn there at the stake // Their hands are bound // They’re crying out // But then I jolt awake with sweat pooled at my brow.” And over swelling, cathartic synths, they ask “If that was me then // Then who am I now?”

“‘The Doldrums’ was the song I wrote when I was realizing I had basically no understanding of self-compassion,” says Rose“It’s about the voice inside my head that blames me for everything that’s ever gone wrong, mostly things out of my control. My idea of rebirth and reformation at the time was killing off my old self and finding a new one, rather than simply being kind to myself…Not because I didn’t want to be, but because I didn’t really know how.”

WATCH: ‘The Doldrums’ (Visualiser)

With no guard up in The Art of ForgettingRose presents the type of confessional honesty we’ve only previously caught glimpses of in their work. Prompted by a difficult breakup, they began a deep-dive inward, unknowingly digging up long-buried childhood experiences. Of course, their impish humour does pop up unexpectedly amidst themes of regret and grief, loss and change, shame and the inevitability of pain.

While making the album, Rose “was getting these calls every day from my grandma, who was clearly losing her memory. It got me thinking about all the different ways memory shows up throughout our lives. It can feel like a curse or be wielded as a tool.” With this in mind, they produced the album using devices and media that embody the characteristics of fading or faulty memories, gravitating towards instruments that naturally changed or decayed over time: wooden and string instruments, voices, tape, and granular synthesis. Layers of vocal arrangements from Balkan-influenced yawps to Gregorian autotune choirs, acoustic instrumentation chopped and mangled like a glitching memory, and dreamlike synths push and pull to create a hugely dynamic soundscape.

“Every time I make an album I’ll come out of it learning a lot about myself,” comments Rose“Now I look back and see the healing of a wound. I feel like a new version of myself. I think one for the better.” Caroline Rose’s expansive North American tour kicks off this spring. Following, they’ll bring their vivacious live show to the EU/UK. Tickets for all dates are on sale now and a full list of dates are available at

The Art Of Forgetting LP
March 24 via New West Records

The Doldrums‘ is out now, buy/stream it here.

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