Chloe George shares “Penny” via FADER Label + announces EP out December 12

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November 3 2022

PRAISE FOR Chloe George

“gushing with self-aware introspection… a pummeling, winding path that’s oftentimes confusing and complicated, albeit beautiful — ‘There You Are’ is a welcome addition to George’s growing discography”


“Chloe George’s grungy, wind-in-you-hair pop needs to be on your radar”


“Her talent radiates through her ability to put words to the achingly poignant emotions and situations that we have all experienced throughout the tumultuous journey of life”

Office Mag

“Combining an angelic voice that demands recognition with an undeniable penchant for heartfelt songwriting, Chloe is a talent growing increasingly difficult to ignore”

Ones To Watch

Penny EP will be out on 12/2, presave here.

1. Runaway Blue
2. Sunny D
3. Sunday
4. Beam
5. Drink It Up
6. Penny
7. There You Are

“Penny” is out now, buy/stream it here.

Bay Area-born, LA-based artist, Chloe George shares “Penny,” produced by Rob Bisel (SZA & Jean Dawson). It’s the final and title single off of her Penny EP, announced today via   FADER Label. Listen to “Penny” HERE.

“Penny” and the video directed by Sean Russo are both so Chloe. It starts off a bit eerie, and moves into a semi-trippy, huge booming chorus, with Chloe’s voice distinct and pristine at the forefront. The second verse has a tinge of grimace in it, with bass rattling the rafters. The video is glowing and glitching, showing the singularity that is Chloe George in full force.

Of the track, Chloe George says, “I wrote the first verse lyrics to “Penny” randomly at a time where I was feeling completely lost. I was at a gas station, and saw a penny on the ground, and noticed myself wanting to find a sign that I was doing ok in life through literally anything. When I came back to the idea a couple weeks later, it felt like this was my plea for getting back to myself– ‘Help me clean my mind up.’ It became the guiding light for my first EP, and is so special to me–a reminder that beautiful new beginnings can come from anything at any time. <3”

Chloe George wants to feel everything. And, when you listen to her songs, she wants you to feel everything too; to plumb the deepest depths of the human heart. She values the emotive core of a song above all else, putting her in a lineage of greats as well as a new class of pop’s rulebreakers. Her forthcoming Penny EP is seven tracks of consistently cool, sometimes eerie energy that feeds just perfectly into her left-of-center pop.

Her first solo release, the viral TikTok hit “ghost town (voice memo)” has been streamed over 75 million times, and on her debut singles, 2021’s “Peachi” and “The Door,” Chloe braided the organic fluidity of R&B with the clear-eyed intensity of golden-era pop, heralding her arrival as an effusive young star. In her four years since graduating from NYU’s Clive Davis Institute, Chloe has quickly become a sought after songwriter, frequently co-writing with artists such as Normani and Dua Lipa.

Born to a music teacher mother and a drummer father, and raised in a household with three musical-theater-loving older siblings, Chloe George was brought up around music, and felt a connection to the classics from an early age. Upon hearing Ella Fitzgerald for the first time, she felt an immediate connection with the voice not just as an instrument, but as a tool of pure communion — something that, even when wordlessly scatting, could convey those basest, purest emotions. Her music continues to center the voice and its power to translate the deeply human into the semi-divine.

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