Chloe George’s left-of-center pop shines on Penny EP via FADER label

Photo by Jade Sadler
December 3 2022

PRAISE FOR Chloe George

“gushing with self-aware introspection… a pummeling, winding path that’s oftentimes confusing and complicated, albeit beautiful — ‘There You Are’ is a welcome addition to George’s growing discography”


“Chloe George’s grungy, wind-in-your-hair pop needs to be on your radar”


“Her talent radiates through her ability to put words to the achingly poignant emotions and situations that we have all experienced throughout the tumultuous journey of life”

Office Mag

“Combining an angelic voice that demands recognition with an undeniable penchant for heartfelt songwriting, Chloe is a talent growing increasingly difficult to ignore”

Ones To Watch

1. Runaway Blue
2. Sunny D
3. Sunday
4. Beam
5. Drink It Up
6. Penny
7. There You Are

Penny EP is out now, buy/stream it here.

Bay Area-born, LA-based artist Chloe George  shares her debut EP, Penny,  via FADER Label, with new single “Sunny D” at the center. Listen to Penny HERE.

Chloe George wants to feel everything, and she wants you to feel everything too. She values the emotive core of a song above all else, putting her in a lineage of greats as well as a new class of pop’s rule-breakers like Remi Wolf or Dominic Fike.  Penny is seven tracks of consistently cool, sometimes eerie energy that feeds just perfectly into her left-of-center pop.

Penny is named for the coin-like duality of new love — the way its joys can so easily give way to the fear of surrendering to it. Produced with Jason Suwito (Imagine Dragons, K.Flay, Still Woozy, MisterWives), Rob Bisel (SZA, James Blake), and Yakob (6lack, J Cole, Future, UMI,), it takes the affecting warmth of Chloe’s early singles and adds booming, Tame Impala-like drum beats, snatches of vocoder, and glittering, overdriven synths.

Of the EP, Chloe George says, “Penny is all about my process in trying to allow real love in my life. In the past year, I realized how scared I was of true connection with someone else, and how many defense mechanisms I had to try to avoid that at all costs. All of the music I was writing in the last year was either from a perspective of fear or from a perspective of surrendering. The first half of Penny are all of the songs that sit in the fear space… and the back half comes from a space of love and acceptance. I feel so lucky I got to document such a transformative time in my life with this music, and I am so happy it is now yours!!!!”

“Sunny D” comes from a place of self doubt and self discovery. It’s from a time in Chloe’s life where she was learning about her sexuality and learning how to connect in relationships, and the video embodies the light and freedom that come from going through that often dark, but rewarding, process.

Since graduating from NYU’s Clive Davis Institute, Chloe has quickly become a sought- after songwriter, frequently co-writing with artists such as Normani and Dua Lipa. Her first solo release, the viral TikTok hit  “ghost town (voice memo)” has been streamed over 75 million times, and on 2021’s “Peachi” and “The Door,” Chloe braided the organic fluidity of R&B with the intensity of golden-era pop, finding herself fans at PAPER, NYLON, Office, and  more,  with her most recent single “Penny” grabbing attention from Apple Music’s Zane Lowe Show.

For Chloe, Penny taught her about the value of patience and of imperfection, and of interrogating even the most uncomfortable feelings. For us, it’s a perfect summation of one of alternative pop’s most dynamic new diarists — an artist who’s only just beginning to show what she’s capable of.

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