Christopher Port shares Ritual Music EP, out today via Future Classic/Pieater

October 9 2020

The master of texture Christopher Port returns with EP Ritual Music, embracing his jazz and improvisation background as a drummer to blend club sensibilities with rhythms and instrumentation from various traditions around the world. Listen HERE

From Port“This record is an exploration of ‘rituals’ of all kinds: spiritual, emotional and physical. I was inspired by pagan rituals, spiritual jazz and the cosmic electronic sounds from the 60’s & 70’s, particularly the early combinations of modular synths and jazz. I drew from my jazz studies to inform the compositional process for this record. Terry Riley was particularly influential when it comes to the layering of repetitive rhythmic phrases and his approach to harmony.”

Listening to Port’s previous releases, including Vetement and Everything in Quotes “DARK / LIGHT”, his output-to-date has mostly utilised digital instruments and samples to build tracks. Ritual Music takes a new approach for the producer and instrumentalist. 

“I really wanted to get a more natural, free-flowing feel into this music, particularly when it comes to the rhythm. I included a lot of my own live drumming on these tracks, as well as a lot of unquantized improvisation. This record stands as a kind of proof of concept for a lot of ideas I’ve had in mind since I started making my own music.” He continues. 

Since 2018’s “LIGHT” EP, Christopher Port has put his hand to remixes for Australia’s best, including MansionairMild MindsPaul MacBRUXFlight Facilities and Crooked Colours – they can all be found here.

He’s also dived into vinyl DJing, which has further shaped Ritual Music – with the lack of a ‘sync’ button or visual feedback from a CDJ screen, Port was forced to listen closely to rhythms and flow between tracks. With a fortnightly DJ performance on Future Classic’s Twitchchannel, fans can now get a taste for the breadth of Port’s influences. 

Ritual Music is out now via Future Classic/Pieater,buy/stream it HERE.

Artwork by Morgana Celeste
Lock-down photo by Christopher Port and Morgana Celeste,
edited by Lenise Ormsby.

CH RGM(+234)
Tambourines of Joy
Total Refreshment of the Spiritual Centre

Ritual Music Vinyl & Slipmat is available to buy here.


“Todd Edwards-indebted vocal chop euphoria for peak time…”
Resident Advisor

“Jackin’ house.”

“Ooo I love this. Riding that perfect sonic balance between future and classic. Not fucking easy.”
Anna Lunoe (for Pilerats)

“The driving, breathless energy of ‘Find A Way’ follows the intriguing chopped-up UK garage stylings of ‘DTF’ under the same ‘Light’ ethos unveiled last month.”

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