Cian Ducrot shares new single ‘Crocodiles’ via The Darkroom / Universal

March 26 2021

Irish-born, London-based Cian Ducrot today shares another take of his tender, emotional pop music with his latest single ‘Crocodiles’ out via the Darkroom/Universal Records. Listen to it HERE

As with his last single ‘I’m Not Usually Like This’, Ducrot manages to distill extremely personal experiences into universally resonate emotions without diluting his songwriting. Dropping out of the Royal Academy of Music, harnessing the power of tiktok, and breaking of his classically trained box allowed Ducrot to utilize his background in the rich instrumentation of classic music together with cathartic, alt-pop music, partly synonymous with this exciting, internet-raised new generation of pop musicians. 

On the track, Ducrot shares, “Crocodiles is a song I wrote after I experienced my closest friends letting me down when I needed them the most. It was a hard realization that sometimes those you’d do anything for wouldn’t do the same for you and it hit me extremely hard.”

The release of ‘Crocodiles’ follows Cian’s first single ‘I’m Not Usually Like This’ under his new label home of Darkroom Records, alongside artists such as Oliver MalcolmMax Leone, and Billie Ellish. Stay tuned for more from Cian Ducrot in 2021.

‘Crocodiles‘ is out now via the Darkroom / Universal,buy/stream it here.


“A neat, intricate gem”

“Music that’s immediately accessible, while still crammed full of intricate personal detail”
Atwood Magazine

“Emotive burst of pop”

“Amidst dark times, there can be light. And no artist is a better example of this than
Cork-hailed multi-instrumentalist Cian Ducrot”

“An undeniably good song”
Ones To Watch

“Candid songs unpacking issues around love, loss, masculinity and frustration,
Cian Ducrot is definitely one to watch”


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