Clams Casino clears Imogen Heap sample after a decade, releases long-awaited internet cult-classic ‘I’m God’ on all streaming platforms

May 21 2020

New Jersey electronic hip hop pioneer Clams Casino officially releases ‘I’m God‘ with Imogen Heap onto SpotifyApple Music, and all digital streaming platforms for the first time ever. Stream ‘I’m God‘ HERE.

Originally recorded over by legendary Bay Area oddball Lil B in 2009, ‘I’m God‘ included an unauthorized sample of the Imogen Heap classic ‘Just For Now‘. In 2011 Clams released the track as an instrumental download and from there took on a life of its own, inspiring a decade of viral fan videosinternet folklore,and heartfelt conversations about loss and recovery. With over 75 million plays on fan videos across YouTube and streams on Soundcloud, the demand for the track on DSPs reached a fever pitch.

Now, with Imogen’s blessing and the rights untangled, the iconic track is, at last, available widely. ‘I’m God‘ is released as part of Instrumental Relics, a collection of Clams Casino‘s favorite instrumental tracks from his celebrated mixtape series, many of which will be available on DSPs for the first time. Instrumental Relics follows last year’s Moon Trip Radio, Clams’ second album following his 2016 debut, 32 Levels. Since 2009, Clams has gone on to collaborate with A$AP RockyMac MillerVince StaplesLil PeepJojiKelelaFKA Twigs, and more. 

The legacy of ‘I’m God‘ goes beyond an unsuspecting hit. The song is forever engrained in the history of modern music’s digitalization, for its ability to adapt to the changing ways rap fans consumed it. From a simple instrumental download to going viral on YouTube’s underground. Their demand for an official release and its arrival on digital streaming platforms now is not only a testament to the growth of DSPs but Clams‘ cult status. ‘I’m God’ transformed Michael Volpe from purveyor to trailblazer in the cloud rap sphere. Now hailed by Pitchfork as “an essential part of the 2010s rap canon”, Clams Casino remains an innovator of modern hip hop. 

I’m God (with Imogen Heap)‘ by Clams Casino is out now, buy/stream it here

New Jersey producer Michael Volpe is one of the originators behind the SoundCloud rap boom. As Clams Casino, Volpe’s work as a beat-maker in the late 2000’s defined the hazy “based” aesthetic in contemporary rap music, for his ability to create moving instrumental pieces that pair traditional hip-hop drums with gentle and sombre melodies. The genre defining ‘I’m God‘ went on to become his most popular release yet, subject to a decade long back and forth over legal confusion and attempts at sample clearance. Today Clams Casino stands as one of the key players in the evolution of rap music in the 2010s.


“Cloud-Rap King”

“One of the most important producers of the decade”

“Clams Casino has redefined what hip-hop should sound like.”

“Rap’s most sought-after beat makers
The Guardian

“Clams Casino is an essential part of the 2010s rap canon”

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