CLIP shares “Hurt U” ahead of debut Perception EP out Sept 8th via In Real Life

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August 24 2022


“‘Fall Back’ showcases her ability to do two key things any rapper needs: pick interesting beats and sound disgusted with everyone around you”


“The New York City rapper’s dismissive delivery and monotone vocals fit neatly into her untouchable aesthetic”


“Floating over dreamy production by Sachy, the New York-based rapper expresses her exasperation with men who ‘don’t know how to act’ in an almost detached flow that still manages to convey her frustration”


“endearingly plainspoken vocals that kinda sound like Clairo decided to become a cloud rapper”


“CLIP’s ‘FALL BACK’ Is An Anthem”

Clash Magazine

Perception EP by CLIP is out Sept 8th via IRL

1. Happy
2. Gotham
4. Road Trip
5. Can’t Help It
6. Villain
7. Lowkey
8. Reality
9. Hurt U

“HURT U” is out now via IRL, buy/stream it here.

NYC-based rapper CLIP today shares “HURT U” ahead of her debut Perception EP out September 8th via In Real Life (Liv.e, Meth Math, Luna Li). Listen/watch “HURT U” HERE.

The visualizer shows veins and vessels up close, softened by a dusty pink. Within the glittering insides of the human body we see CLIP in her emotions and in her head, much like she was when she made the song.

Speaking on the track, CLIP shares, “‘Hurt U’ came about very organically, every lyric is a direct thought I felt when I made the song. My head was kind of in the clouds when I made it, I was in a very weird phase of my life but the only thing I felt really connected with was my emotions, so I let it out on the mic. ‘Hurt U’ shows my more vulnerable lover girl side while still being guarded. A lot of my fans can relate to a lot of situations I face so I like to channel them in my music and share a somewhat relatable story that people can sing to.”

Before going independently viral in 2020 (“Sad Bitch” currently sitting at +3Mill streams and counting) and quickly becoming a rising NYC ‘IT’ girl, CLIP was a 4.2 GPA student whose future seemed set on an Ivy League path. Her life took a turn when she ran away from home in her late teens to escape her toxic living situation and cultivated a core group of friends and artists in NYC. Her newfound community of collaborators and sense of inspiration ultimately led to the creation of CLIP.

CLIP dropped “Calvin K” late 2021, followed by “FALL BACK” earlier this month, garnering praise from Pitchfork, PAPER, NYLON, Office, Fader, Consequence, Clash, along with being photographed for a spread in Interview Magazine. Since then she’s been tapped for an upcoming ‘Heaven’ by Marc Jacobs ad, co-headlined the Boiler Room Festival NYC last year and performed alongside Hook, Lancey Foux, Father, Coco & Clair Clair, and more. She will make her major music festival debut at Rolling Loud New York 2022 this fall.

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