Cody Jon announces new EP Death Wobbles

September 22 2023


“Clever, concise and catchy AF”

Nick Findlay, triple j

“Y2K whirlwind in music”

ELLE Japan

“We like his sound, we like his visuals and we love his conceptual mind”

10 Magazine

“Becky’s Plan is engineered to bedroom-pop perfection”

Early Rising

“Australia’s Next Poster Boy”

The Interns

“Cody Jon is a name that all Australian pop music lovers are going to get used to”

The Music

“The rise of Cody Jon continues unabated with tender pop songs that feel as if they were written just for you”

Tommy Faith, triple j Unearthed


DEATH WOBBLES EP out November 3

Saint Lucky Records

‘SHOOT!’ is out now, buy/stream it here.

Explosive pop force Cody Jon today announces his brand new EP DEATH WOBBLES out Nov 3 via Saint Lucky Records. With the news, he also shares his new single, the catchy ‘SHOOT!’. WATCH + LISTEN HERE.

‘SHOOT!’ ruminates on the narrative following that one magnetic person that everyone has a crush on; the collective impression that makes us all feel like we have a chance yet makes us question if they have insidious intentions or simply have an alluring personality? Taking vocal production cues from 2000s icons Brandy, Pharrell, and Craig David, ‘SHOOT!’ features a more stripped-back production than Cody’s back catalogue, this time focusing on guitars, drums, strings, and stacked harmonies. Complete with vivid storytelling, “String us along, make a bow with your collection. Wear in your hair, perfect your sweet reflection”, Cody marks the listener’s full attention through conversational back-and-forth dialogue: think Nelly Furtado’s ‘Promiscuous’ or Justin Timberlake’s ‘Señorita’, ‘SHOOT!’ is hooky, catchy and anecdotally vulnerable.

Speaking to the track Cody shares, “I made this song with my friend Jondren. It was the day I landed in LA, don’t know if it was the lack of sleep or what but the ideas were flowing. I had just caught up with a friend before I had left and their situation inspired this song. I blended their experience with a similar one of my own and wrote it out in a few hours. Creating this track was a unique experience, super collaborative, Jondren had me sing out the drum pattern, the chordal movement, the string lines, and any ideas that popped up, he then translated that into the production and tracked them in, adding his own flair. We both really enjoyed this process and I haven’t had the chance to experiment like this before. Singing the string arrangements and then watching J play them live on his violin was a highlight, I’ve always been a huge fan of strings.”

The track is complete with a 2000s dance film-inspired music video by Jamieson Kerr and Rob James McLean, the concept of which Cody reveals “I wanted to use the track title and recontextualise it. I thought of a ‘video shoot’ and had the idea to make a meta video in a video concept that has a behind-the-scenes storyline mirroring that of the song. A dance group, everybody has a crush on this one person and the audience has to work out the intentions of said crush. I watched Step Up, Bring It On, Honey, all those classics to get inspired for this one and worked with Jamieson Kerr and Rob James McLean to make this idea a reality. Super fortunate to have my talented dancer friends step in and be in this video with me. I’ve never had this many people on set and it was so special to have my friends in this video.”

Since first debuting his temporal mash with ‘dirty dancing’, and ‘Becky’s Plan’ in 2022, Cody Jon continues to amass praise most notably as triple j Unearthed Feature Artist with his recent single ‘DEATH WOBBLES’, alongside iHeart Radio, MTV, Early Rising, ELLE Japan amongst others. Now with his forthcoming DEATH WOBBLES EP Cody Jon reveals a new layer to his soundscape world and the development since he first started writing, exploring themes of love and the twists and turns that come in tow. His dazzling live show which steadies for SXSW Sydney already includes debuts at BIGSOUND and SXSW in Austin, rounded out with his own headline tour following a Tai Verdes tour support, and performances alongside Gretta Ray, Peach PRC, and more.

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