Cody Jon breaks new ground in transformative new EP DEATH WOBBLES, Sydney launch shows April 14

Photo by Emily Wentworth
April 5 2024


“Clever, concise and catchy AF”

Nick Findlay, triple j

“The man knows how to write a great pop song!”

Abby Butler, triple j

“Y2K whirlwind in music”

ELLE Japan

“We like his sound, we like his visuals and we love his conceptual mind”

10 Magazine

“Becky’s Plan is engineered to bedroom-pop perfection”

Early Rising

“Australia’s Next Poster Boy”

The Interns

“Cody Jon is a name that all Australian pop music lovers are going to get used to”

The Music

“The rise of Cody Jon continues unabated with tender pop songs that feel as if they were written just for you”

Tommy Faith, triple j Unearthed

Other Half
Curtain Call

DEATH WOBBLES is out now, buy/stream it here.

Today, Cody Jon unveils his coming-of-age EP DEATH WOBBLES, via Saint Lucky Records. Later this month Cody will debut the release live at The Vanguard on Apr 14. LISTEN HERE + TICKETS HERE.

Inspired by the sonic stylings of the 90s and visual aesthetics of the 2000s, Cody Jon takes the ‘new nostalgia’ resurgence to the next level on DEATH WOBBLES, showcasing his well-earned confidence as a vocalist, songwriter and producer. Featuring previous singles ‘DEATH WOBBLES’ and ‘SHOOT!’, Cody rounds out DEATH WOBBLES with six brand new tracks – including focus single ‘Sabrina’.

‘Sabrina’ embodies the nostalgia-tinged themes of the EP. with Craig David, Usher and The Neptunes being touchpoints for the infectious vocal hooks and polished production. “I’ve listened to them growing up and have always wanted to make a song in this lane but I wasn’t ready until now,” Cody Jon shares. “I really enjoyed working on the production with Jason, combining all my favourite elements of the music I love. The fast guitar strums, the bouncy beat, the stacked ‘Brandy-esque’ harmonies and vocal production.”

Lyrically, the song tackles the internal battles of being in a toxic relationship. Cody Jon explains, “Part of you knows that you should leave, but you choose to ignore the bad out of a fear of being alone. I blended my own experience with an experience/relationship my friend went through. I started writing about the controlling relationship and the lyric “you got me in a trance, got me in a spell” came out. My mind went to Sabrina the witch and how she would have the ability to control her partner, manipulating them to make them want to stay, hence, the title. “Love it how you hold my hand really tight, just ignore the blood spilling out the side”. It’s all the signs of what love should look like but coated in the toxicity of this controlling relationship.”

Coming together between Sydney and LA, DEATH WOBBLES captures a pivotal moment in Cody Jon’s evolution as an artist. In Cody’s own words, “My first EP ‘Untied Shoes’ explored the feeling of stepping into the grown up world, pretending like I knew what I was doing while still making mistakes and tripping on my untied shoes. DEATH WOBBLES tells the story of being thrust into the next stage of life. My first relationship, my first breakup, my first age-related crisis, growing out of childhood friendships, discovering the complexities of toxic relationships, realising my world is so much larger than what I thought.”

‘CRUSHED’ – the first track off of DEATH WOBBLES – is the perfect introduction to the coming-of-age EP, as the now 21-year-old artist confronts the unavoidable “age crisis” of leaving your teen years behind with hopeful optimism and clever lyricism. Persevering despite the uncertainty was Cody’s way forward – replacing hesitation and self-doubt with full trust in his creative instincts, diving headfirst into a more refined, and at times darker sonic palette than his previous work. DEATH WOBBLES moves seamlessly between energetic dancefloor hits and dreamy, introspective cuts, before closing out with the achingly heartfelt ‘Curtain Call’ – a triumphant piano ballad that sees Cody deliver one of his most impressive vocal performances to date.

Cody Jon has been an unstoppable force since releasing his breakthrough singles ‘dirty dancing’ and ‘Becky’s Plan’ in 2022, seeing extensive media praise from the likes of triple j Unearthed as a Feature Artist, alongside iHeartRadio, MTV, Early Rising, ELLE Japan and 10 Magazine amongst others. He’s gone on to debut at renowned festivals such as BIGSOUND, SXSW Austin and SXSW Sydney and recently played a hugely successful headline show in Tokyo. As an Australian artist emerging during the post-pandemic era, Cody was completely blown away by the support he received from fans in Tokyo – some of whom learnt English to be able to sing along to his songs – proving to be a testament to Cody’s ability to resonate with audiences across the globe.

On April 14, Cody Jon is set to launch the release of DEATH WOBBLES with two back-to-back performances at The Vanguard in Eora/Sydney – one all-ages matinee, as well as an 18+ evening show. See more details HERE.

Inspired by the hits of the 90s and the visual aesthetic of the 2000s, Cody’s artistry is motivated by the communion of song and movement of dance, performing since age 5. “I wanna make music you can dance to”, he explains. Whether inside his bedroom or during time spent at his parents’ South Sydney dance studio, his creative spirit is laced with Tamagotchi’s, Nintendo DS’, Avril’s Sk8ter Boi, boy bands, and more. With his tasteful references akin to the ‘new nostalgic’ recently popularised by PinkPantheress, dig a little deeper and you find more than a gimmick.

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