Craterface announce The Divine Chatroom, seasonal mix series ft. new music + special guests

June 16 2021

Today Mulubinba / Newcastle alt-rap duo Craterface announce their new online mix series, The Divine Chatroom: a virtual space for their community to congregate and connect, while sharing new crevices of the Craterface underworld. See all airdate details BELOW.

Of the series, Craterface share: “We decided to begin making the divine chatroom series when we found ourselves at a crossroads. We wanted to hone our craft by making as much music as we could while also finding a way to have our musical peers involved in the process. Thematically we chose to go with a chatroom and internet based aesthetic because we all use it, a key word is connectivity. We like to see the series as us connecting and interacting with these peers we were eager to work with, while having them adjust to this completely unique thematic universe. The whole experience has been incredible and has taught us so much not only about ourselves, but the greater scope of Australian music.”

In Episode 1premiering tonightJune 16 at 7PM via Youtube livestream, is a handful of Craterfacedemos lifted from vault, flips and edits of Lil Yachty, Lil B and more. In their quest for connection, the two sought to reach out to friends and artists who hadn’t released new music in some time, striving to present both a detailed and wonderfully chaotic audio collage- as represented through the artwork. In doing so, they were gifted unreleased tracks from Behind YouJairLOVEDAVID, BabyjackYoni Yen and Aquinas.

They continue, “We also asked all guest artists to envision The Divine Chatroom as a place of infinite potential and even requested audio intro’s for their songs to create a more authentic listening experience (best heard in LOVEDAVID and BABYJACK intro). It wasn’t hard getting all of these artists to catch the vibe because they are all so talented.” Can you guess whose piece is featured where? Stay tuned for details on Episode 2. 

A monthly mix series by Craterface
Premiering at 7PM June 16 via YouTube
Tune in via Youtube HERE

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