Craterface join forces with Shady Nasty on ‘ORIGAMI’

September 16 2020

Alternative rap duo Craterface have teamed up with Sydney’s Shady Nasty on new release ‘ORIGAMI’. Following ‘BIG WHEELIN’’, this is the latest single from their forthcoming confessional mixtape BURN AFTER LISTENING. Listen HERE and watch HERE.

ORIGAMI’ is a song of uncertainty, where the jubilant joyride of ‘BIG WHEELIN’’ is over. Inspired by growth and trust, shying away from materialistic influenced braggadocio, baby bruh’s bars and taki local‘s siren-like beats are aimed at their skeptics. Egged on by doubt and hesitation, ‘ORIGAMI’ is supercharged with faith in the Craterface project, themselves and each other. Speaking to BURN AFTER LISTENING’scyclical nature, thoughts of Bambi’s stuck in headlights shift to positing the duo as unsuspected diamonds in the rough, “like a dollar in the drain” galvanised and encouraged by their big brothers, Shady Nasty.

Since touring together in support of the Bad Posture EP, both groups have nurtured their bond, carved out in ‘ORIGAMI‘ as a DIY labour of love. Written and produced by Craterface, the music video was shot by Shady Nasty drummer Luca Watson and their frequent collaborator Harry Welsh (Behind You). Vocalist Kevin Stathis shares, “ORIGAMI was an absolute pleasure for us and we’re honoured to be a part of it. Full credit to the Craterface boys for their undying courage and determination.”

Speaking on the collaborative process, Craterface say: “Thematically, the track details a severe sense of urgency from baby bruh, which is paired with a poetic description of mental hesitation from Kevin. The title stems from Kevin’s lyric “folding into two”, conceptually we liked that a lot and knew it had many subtle applications to other lyrics found in the song.”

Filmed in their native Newcastle, the clip flicks between overt and disguised references of spirituality, reflection and ascension including but not limited to the Christ Church CathedralStockton Bridge, and The Terminator. Distorted animations chop and change throughout, like flying internal thoughts of turmoil. Craterface carefully curate each element of their craft at home, comfortably keeping their own feet on the gas. Now with the upcoming release of their confessional tape BURN AFTER LISTENINGbaby bruh and taki local explore belief, heartbreak, cyclical growth and finding self love, while wearing their hometown on their sleeve. 

ORIGAMI ft. Shady Nasty’ by Craterface is out now, buy/stream it here.


Don’t Be Confused
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“Carving their lane emphatically in 2020”
Dave Ruby Howe, triple j Unearthed

“Avant-garde pop production and irreverent raps take centre”

“Craterface stand out as an act worth keeping a close eye on”
Purple Sneakers

“There’s nothing quite like it in Australia at the moment”

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