CYRUS shares new single ‘Love Online’

September 10 2021


Sydney-based alt-pop producer and singer-songwriter CYRUS today shares his new single ‘Love Online’ and announces the release of his forthcoming debut EP had, lostout Nov 5. Listen HERE, watch HERE.

Written almost immediately in the still-painful aftermath of the dissolution of a long-term relationship, CYRUS’ forthcoming debut condenses and chronologically charts the entire course of a relationship and its explosive breakdown, from initial infatuation to the moment of ruination and the ensuing process of closure. In this trajectory, ‘Love Online’, the closing track, represents the tentative first steps of moving on, the confusion felt at navigating new, unfamiliar terrain. With his lithe falsetto, thunderous electronic percussion, playful, shape-shifting production that encompasses iPhone keyboard clacking and message notifications, and a climactic, soaring guitar solo, CYRUS’ plea for a purer form of human connection that is unmediated by technology turns insecurities into something anthemic. 

Of the new single, CYRUS shares: “‘Love Online’ is about my desire to prioritise communicating and sharing love, experiencing other people in real life as opposed to through a screen. It came about in the period of time between my breakup and the relationship that I’m in currently. I was on Instagram and dating apps trying to meet new people, just be single. And it would just be the same stuff over and over again. [I was] hoping for some sort of magical connection [but was] always falling flat.”

Following lead single ‘Facts’, ‘Love Online’ is the second track lifted from CYRUS’ forthcoming debut EP. had, lost arrives following a three-year hiatus from releasing music, the first project to be released under Cyrus Villaneuva’s latest moniker. During that interval, Villeneuva established himself as a highly-touted, much sought-after producer and co-writer, working alongside a slew of like-minded Australian alt-pop acts including Client LiaisonCXLOEGlades, and more. Being thrown headfirst and wide-eyed into the spotlight as a teenager, CYRUS’ subsequent struggles with the lack of creative freedom and integrity has inculcated his latest music with a sense of deliberate self-reliance, imbued with matured self-awareness and a refined clarity of artistic vision. 

Love Online‘ is out now, buy/stream it here.

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