DAGR barrel through “Cafe Racer” with Rebecca Black + LVL1

July 1 2022


Photo by Sam Bovarnick

“a hard, club-ready slap that is rough around the edges in all the right ways”

“a blisteringly cathartic and danceable track”
Grimy Goods

“DAGR uses each other’s unique perspective on music to create something that reimagines what pop music can be and what it is used for”
The Luna Collective

DAGR teams up with Rebecca Black and LVL1 for “Cafe Racer,” listen/watch their hell-bent, bilingual take on dark tech-house HERE. This is the second single lifted from DAGR’s forthcoming debut album, Fade On Back, out July 29th, 2022, pre-save/order HERE.

“Cafe Racer” opens with LVL1’s Spanish rap verse over a thumping filtered house beat as they beg for a ride on a motorbike. The chorus makes a sharp turn with stark 808s & engine revs as queer pop icon Rebecca Black takes control like we’ve never heard her before, leaning into her Mexican-American heritage in the spirit of the bilingual track. The buzzing, ever-building DAGR production pierces even the most fried brains at the club. “Cafe Racer” is an unapologetically sexy anthem that is set to become a staple on the dance floor this summer. 

Rebecca Black says, “This song and working with DAGR to create it is and has been the fastest, sexiest wild ride. I won’t get in the bed of a truck for just anybody, but it’s been the best time to live in DAGR’s world and get to be just a little bit of the chaos!”

LVL 1 adds, “When DAGR reached out to me for a collab with them and Rebecca Black I was already convinced to participate, but when I heard the song I knew I definitely needed to hop on the beat!! It was so fun and so natural for me to write the verse for the intro and I’m super proud to be part of such a hit. Also, working with them is always a pleasure!” 

Director Luke Orlando (Charli XCX, Magdalena Bay) turns the temp up to 100 with a hilariously outlandish ode to the brilliant & miscellaneous Craigslist faces of Los Angeles, watch HERE. Rebecca Black rolls around the hood of a lime-green Gladiator, tattooed body builders grit their teeth, goths dine on hot dogs in a kiddie pool along the 101, and a self-proclaimed twerker irons his underwear below residential streetlights. The Dagrverse is vast and the cast is irreplaceable— here we are now, entertain us. Of the video, DAGR share, “What started as an open-ended Craigslist post, led to an unmistakable love letter to the absurdity of Los Angeles. The video is hot, scary, & hysterical– our project in a nutshell.”

Both incredible producers in their own right, working with the likes of King Princess, Girlpool, UPSAHL, Uffie, and more, DAGR are two LA-via-TX queer artists who are now focusing their attention on creating their own project. Ceci and Veronika were born a day apart deep in the Texas suburbs, yet their paths never crossed until they joined forces in a different kind of desert suburbia producing and writing for other artists in Los Angeles. Fade On Back, DAGR’s new album, is a high octane sprint made to sound huge no matter where one listens. The songs are produced to play in the club at any hour with all your best besties. Other highlight tracks off the album feature Portugal.The Man, Lunice, Bayli, & Lyam. 

Rebecca Black by Lissyelle Laricchia [BTS from video shoot]

“Cafe Racer ft. Rebecca Black and LVL1” by DAGR is out now, buy/stream it here.

Fade On Back is out July 29th, pre-save/order it here.

1. Fade On Back
2. Mind Games (feat. BAYLI, LYAM & MaikoMaiko)
3. Caravan (feat. Portugal. The Man)
4. Cafe Racer (feat. Rebecca Black & LVL1)
5. Everytime That You Go
6. Sorry
7. Dumb 150 (feat. Lunice)

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