DAGR’s Fade On Back is pure hot fun featuring Rebecca Black, Portugal. The Man, lvl 1, Bayli + more

Photo by Lissyelle Laricchia
August 3 2022


“a fucking banger”


“a hard, club-ready slap that is rough around the edges in all the right ways”


“leaves you craving more”

Ones To Watch

“buzzes with the sweaty, sticky energy of a warehouse party dance floor”


1. Fade On Back
2. Cafe Racer (feat. Rebecca Black & LVL1)
3. Everytime That You Go
4. Mind Games (feat. BAYLI, LYAM & Hanabii)
5. Caravan (feat. Portugal. The Man)
6. Sorry
7. Dumb 150 (feat. Lunice)

Fade On Back is out now, buy/stream it here.

LA based production & DJ duo, DAGR, today release their insanely fun, ridiculously sexy, maniacally dangerous album, Fade On Back, featuring Rebecca Black, Portugal. The Man, Lunice, LVL1, BAYLI, & more. Listen HERE.

Fade On Back highlights DAGR’s dance sensibility, designed to unhinge the tailgate rave and liberate the dance floor. Similarly curated as their first album (featuring Bali Baby, Warhol SS, Uffie, Dizzy Fae, Cecile Believe), Fade On Back captures a community of friends brought together by infectious drum, bass, and cosmic fate. Track after track, this record sprints through the electronic dance world. Of the release, DAGR share, “Here is something for each and every sweaty room of the rave-time multiplex <3”

Both incredible producers in their own right, Ceci G and Veronika Jane Wyman work with the likes of King Princess, Girlpool, UPSAHL, Uffie, Dua Saleh, Cherry Glazerr, Broods and more. Ceci and Veronika are two LA-via-TX queer artists who are now focusing their attention on creating their own project. They were born a day apart deep in the Texas suburbs, yet their paths never crossed until they joined forces in a different kind of desert suburbia producing and writing for other artists in Los Angeles.

The duo aren’t slowing down anytime soon, having just remixed an Ian Sweet track and more in the works producing tracks on the upcoming Donna Missal, Brooke Candy, and Rebecca Black albums. For now, bask in the sheer fun, noise, and recklessness of this record inspired by: 100 degree weather, acid tabs, lifted trucks, freeways, Shrek, fist pumping…

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