daine consolidates her tribute to high energy sounds on ‘dainecore’

June 3 2021

Following on from the hi-octane sonic blast of her ericdoa-featuring, Dylan Brady and Ryan Jacob-produced single ‘boys wanna txt’, today, 18-year-old emo-pop icon in waiting daine completes her love letter to the hyperpop community with a new three-track release, ‘boys wanna txt/dainecore’. In a similar vein to her Danny L Harle & Lonelyspeck produced ‘Ascension/Angel Numbers’ drop, the project provides another insight into daine’s diverse sonic palette; a direct reflection of the internet-based subculture’s genre-eschewing eclecticism. LISTEN AND WATCH HERE.

Produced by Australian production specialist and starcity collective affiliate Miniskirt with additional sounds from club heroine Ninajirachi, new track ‘dainecore’ embodies this versatility in sound perfectly – taking its main pulse from a jersey club-infused beat, before being thrown into an amalgamation of distorted melodies and pitched glitches amidst a slowed and throwed finale. daine’s vocal performance stays dynamic throughout – at one moment singing in hushed tones, the next delivering an irresistible chorus imbued with similar angst to emo icons such as From First To Last or Hawthorne Heights. Paired alongside another Miniskirt-produced track, ‘dying’, it’s a wild, unpredictable ride, but one that travels through daine’s rapidly expanding musical DNA, maintaining a relentless sense of fun without ever losing sight of her alternative roots.

To coincide with the release of ‘boys wanna txt/dainecore’, daine has also unveiled a brand new performance video for ‘dainecore’ directed by Sean Finney. Set in a cavernous, fog-filled atmosphere, daine emerges through the smoke – exorcising her own demons with an energy-filled performance that adds a brooding new dimension to the track’s distortion-filled yearning. Watch it HERE.

The video acts as a powerful warm-up for daine’s highly anticipated debut performance. Taking place on the new date of July 9 at Victoria’s Kindred Studios, the show will reflect daine’s DIY ethos, with a hand-curated lineup of friends and special guests from across Melbourne’s underground & hardcore scenes. Tickets are officially sold out but stay tuned for more live plans from daine worldwide.

In the space of a year, daine has gone from releasing her debut single, to leading a new generation of DIY artists building uncompromising sonic worlds from their own bedrooms via her own output and her own online party series, Nocturne. Transposing her love of midwestern emo into her own future-facing wrought atmospheres, daine has captured imaginations globally by recontextualising her influences in a way that is inventive, explosive, and above all unique. ‘boys wanna txt/dainecore’ is just a small glimpse into the capabilities of an artist opening their diary in real-time, inviting the listener further in with each chapter.

boys wanna txt dying / dainecore‘is out now via Warner Music,
buy/stream it here.

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