Daine creates a glacial world of her own on electronica infused ‘Bloody Knees’

December 10 2020

Following on from the release of last month’s rapturously received double a-side ‘Ascension / Angel Numbers‘, which featured production from Lonelyspeck and Danny L Harle, 18 year old Filipino-Austalian dark pop icon in waiting daine today closes out the year by unveiling a fan favourite in its final form. ‘Bloody Knees‘ has finally been unleashed after its ‘nitecore version‘ amassed tens of thousands of streams on Soundcloud, leading to much speculation and desire for the track’s natural version. Listen + watch ‘Bloody Knees‘ HERE.

Bloody Knees‘ marks the revealing of another facet in daine’s sonic canon. A cold, glacial cut of electronic pop, the track still holds the heartfelt hallmarks of daine’s mid-00s emo inflected songcraft, only this time complete with immersive, glistening digital atmospheres and expansive, hard-hitting 808s. Creating an inviting world all her own, ‘Bloody Knees‘ is produced by regular collaborator Circle Pitt, who dials down the tempo; building a sound for the listener to be submerged into and adding subtle left-field production touches to a track with a run time long enough to entrance whoever hears it, but short enough to demand repeated listens. daine has had one of the most astronomical rises of any new artist in 2020. Despite only just turning 18 and beginning to release music in April, daine has become the brand new, countercultural face of a dark pop sound that has begun to manifest itself online – leading to legions of fans across the world.

The release of ‘Bloody Knees‘ shows another stunning chapter in the growth of daine – an artist who wears her influences and emotions on her sleeve, while continually pushing the boundaries of her creativity. A true artist with a genuinely devout following that has been forced to exist online due to a global crisis, 2021 marks the year that daine is able to take her craft onto stages – moving her irresistible brand of emo-pop from the spirit realm to the real world.

Bloody Knees‘ out now, buy/stream it here.


“Teen angst’s freshest voice”
V Magazine

“It feels healing and painful; like looking directly at a solar flare”
The Guardian

“A nihilistically detached voice”

“Daine’s tracks echo Midwestern emo greats, while simultaneously providing a dark-pop twist”

“Irresistible nostalgia”
Pigeons and Planes

“The Filipino-Australian is a voice for the digital generation”

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