Daine emerges with debut single ‘Picking Flowers’

May 15 2020

Filipino-Australian artist Daine today releases her debut official single; the goth-tinged pop of ‘Picking Flowers’ which premiered via The FADER. ‘Picking Flowers’ perfectly encapsulates Daine’s own musical DNA, fusing her contemporary rap instrumentals alongside the sonic recesses of midwestern emo. Listen + watch HERE.

A dark and dazed crawl through Daine’s own inner monologue, ‘Picking Flowers’ delves into the dangers of unrequited love through a destructive lens. Opening to Daine’s own serene fingerpicked guitars and skittering hi-hats, her vocal tone is equal parts sombre and angelic, giving way to distorted 808s and punctuated only by hollow screams and claustrophobic gasps.

A foreboding debut that’s assured in its boldness, ‘Picking Flowers’ marks Daine as the new soundtrack for a disillusioned generation navigating life in an unforgiving world. Amalgamating genres at will to express her melancholia, Daine’s music feels like reading her own personal diary, and ‘Picking Flowers’ is the first page.

Picking Flowers‘ by Daine is out now, buy/stream it here.