daine releases propulsive new single ‘Shapeless’ + announces mixtape out Feb 24

Photo by Diego Camponar
November 21 2022


“A future emo icon”

triple j

“Teen angst’s freshest voice”

V Magazine

“It feels healing and painful; like looking directly at a solar flare”

The Guardian

“A nihilistically detached voice”


“Emo-pop melodies with otherworldly aesthetics that feel like they’ve been plucked from a faraway fantasy land”


“Daine’s creative spin on such a distinctive sound evokes an irresistible nostalgia”

Pigeons & Planes

“The shimmery, futuristic sound of Daine is unmistakeable — because there’s nothing quite like it currently being made”

Vogue Australia

“Daine is something else”

triple j

Shapeless mixtape
Feb 24 via Warner

‘Shapeless’ is out now via Warner, buy/stream it here.

Daine is shifting, unmoldable and fluid in their new release, ‘Shapeless’ the title-track from their second mixtape out Feb 24 via Warner. LISTEN + WATCH HERE.

Expanding on their transformative debut Quantum Jumping, Daine draws deeper into their coming-of-age experience with today’s release, exploring the notions of appearance, agency and perception as they find security in their place in the world.  ‘Shapeless’ sets the stage for the drama of Daine’s constant reinvention. “It’s a dark track about becoming what people want but using that as leverage to get what you want” they reveal.

Through ‘Shapeless’ Daine transcends forms both physical and meta, honing in on the mixtape’s core themes of a boundlessness beyond structure built through their experiences with disability, heartache and hardship. “The lyrics are: ‘lips fake, eyes fake, teeth fake, facelift. I got it all, now I’m shapeless.’”  Daine explains. “I’m customising my avatar to become a flawless CGI character, and using that to get further in my life.”

This nebulousness reflects Daine’s experimental sound and reputation as one of the most chameleonic  artists of their generation. Cemented through their debut release Quantum Jumping,  including the triple j favourite ‘New Ground’ and fierce ‘IDC’, Daine continues to ignite imaginations globally with a wildly varied output across their still burgeoning career; the glitch-laden, Dylan Brady of 100 gecs produced hyper pop of ‘boys wanna txt’, to the metal-infused electronica of ‘Salt’ ft. Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes, to the tongue-in-cheek dayglo pop of ‘boythots’, Daine’s dynamic output has typified their music as the soundtrack to a generation equipped with postmodern, ever-expanding tastes.

Shapeless’ title-track arrives in the wake of  ‘Stay Close’, a release that has been in high demand from fans ever since a demo emerged months ago, where Daine pushed the emo-influenced side of their sound into the future. An artist set on laying multiple elements of their personality on display for the world to see, Daine’s ever-expanding sonic universe is one for people of all walks of life to immerse themselves in, simultaneously finding something they can relate to. While their music maintains its otherworldly sensibilities, through  Shapeless we will come to  understand Daine’s spiritual and sonic  transformation: a powerful, direct and impossible to resist new era.

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