davey shares surging second track ‘N.I.4.N.I’

October 16 2020

davey, the solo project of Vallis Alps’ David Ansari, today shares his new single, ‘N.I.4.N.I.’ (pronounced: An Eye For An Eye), the second track to be lifted from his forthcoming debut self-titled EP, due for release later this year. Listen HERE

The release of ‘N.I.4.N.I.‘ follows the release of the primordial alt-hip hop of debut single ‘Not Me (feat. Sol)’ which saw it’s premiere on triple j’s Good Nights, as well as coverage across Billboard, Red Bull Music, NME MagazineDublabAmerican Songwriter, a live production class on Future Classic’s Twitch channel showcasing unreleased music and more.

N.I.4.N.I’ is another economic display of bare-bones musical potency from the producer, who this time turns his attention towards metastasized, blown-out, big room electronic music. Opening with portentous, gargantuan buzzsaw bass, clanging percussion, and blaring, siren-like synths before shattering into a rapid-fire drop, ‘N.I.4.N.I.’ is two minutes of sheer, gnarled intensity that takes hold – possessing every fibre of your being and body – and never lets up.  

Of the track, davey shares that: “I’ve always thought of N.I.4.N.I. as a modern interpretation of an early 2000’s euro festival track. I knew early on that I wanted a hardstyle bridge that was bookended by big, halftime drops, but what tied it together was this weird sample I found of someone breathing so hard that it’s almost theatrical; it just gave the song this unsettling, “beginning of the Thriller video” type energy. I also wanted a grainy, Limewire-era-mp3 feel to N.I.4.N.I., so there’s distortion everywhere – I tend to obsess over the minutiae of sound quality, but sometimes it’s more fun to make a song with no sound quality at all.

With each release davey continues to give shape to the perspective that lives within his music. Abandoning rigid rules of pop songwriting and the pursuit of beauty-centric art, davey’s music attempts to make sense of – and reflect back – the all-consuming stresses of modern life, holding a mirror up to the absurdity that surrounds us. 

N.I.4.N.I.‘ by davey is out now, buy/stream it here.

Cover art by Cameron Spratley.


“He goes by a regular name. But Davey’s music is anything but.”

“A blend of deconstructed rap, hip-hop and industrial house, the project is a world away from the sound of Vallis Alps — but every bit as powerful.”
Red Bull Music 

“Davey Uses Music To Get Closer to Truth”
American Songwriter

“A minimal but searing industrial hip-hop track featuring Seattle rapper Sol”
NME Magazine

“Industrial, abrasive, forward-thinking and unashamedly all-out, ‘NOT ME’ is an addictive, hard-hitting track and one that has us on the edge of our seats in anticipation of hearing what else there is for this project.”
Purple Sneakers