Deaton Chris Anthony shares Boogy Woogy EP, listen and watch new single ‘I Shake That Ath’

October 16 2020

Los Angeles-based bedroom R&B artist Deaton Chris Anthony today shares his new EP Boogy Woogy, featuring his final single ‘I Shake That Ath‘. Listen through to the EP HERE, watch the ‘I Shake That Ath‘ HERE

I Shake That Ath is yet another eclectic, perfect sample-heavy pastiche of early-to-mid 2000s and 90s references from Deaton, all pieced together with a gleeful sense of impishness and a radiant positivity. With tinny, programmed percussion, a blown-out beat, and high, cutting synths, ‘I Shake That Ath’ recalls early noughties club-ready hip hop as Deaton Chris Anthony dispels with the insecurities of knowing people are talking about you and embarks on a journey of self-love and celebrating successes. The release follows previous singles, ‘I Love All My Friends’, Deaton’s ode to how impeccably dressed his friends are, and the UK Garage-indebted ‘Tuethday’ featuring Baby A

Of the track, Deaton Chris Anthony shares: I Shake That Ath is a cheeky track for the haters. The notion when you’re at your “All Time Highs”, all haters can see is that phat ath. Sonically set in 2007 with a “Boogy Woogy” Chant that is as healing as it is groundbreaking. This empowering song, finished during Quarantine, functions as a positive response to the beginning of a new decade. 2020; It’s all about shaking it off and moving forward to All Time Highs.”

The Boogy Woogy is a collection of dance tracks incepted during OG BO Y sessions. Finished throughout quarantine with the help of Deaton’s biggest inspiration, his bunny Boogy. The album reincarnates past-eras bounciest sounds. Short and sweet structures that fit snug within 15-second selfies. The perfect progression of DCA’s rave anthems, ‘RACECAR‘ and ‘1999 She‘. Boogy Woogy shows growth, learning from the past, moving forward to the future. Imagine Deaton in the year 2002 thinking, “I wonder what music in 2020 would sound like,” he then makes an album and calls it Boogy Woogy.

Working across fashion and music, Deaton Chris Anthony is a post-internet age artistic polyglot fluent across multiple mediums, a kind of start-up Tyler, the Creator for a generation that favors open authenticity and boundless creativity. His DIY approach to fashion and music share a common DNA: slicing up and repurposing old materials into something entirely new and wholly his own. Having previously collaborated with like-minded artists ClairoOmar ApolloUMIJean Dawson and winning praise from Vogue, The FADER, Billboard, The New York Times, Ones to Watch, and others, Boogy Woogy is set to be Deaton Chris Anthony’s first since his breakthrough 2019 album, BO Y

Known for his engaging and heartfelt live shows, DCA is also thrilled to be teaming up with JADU, an iOS app that lets fans record performances alongside 3D holograms of their favorite musicians and influencers. The next-best-thing to a show during these socially distanced times, stay tuned for more details on how to JADU with DCA.

The Boogy Woogy EP by Deaton Chris Anthony is out now, buy/stream it here.


“A dreamy, elegiac, sweet song about hanging with your well-dressed buddies that blends electro-R&B thump and indie rock desolation and ends somewhere near ‘My Boo'”
New York Times

“Bizarre and brilliant…a complete joy to listen to”

“Take a ride with Deaton Chris Anthony and sounds, styles, and voices will flash past…the songs vary from party starting electronic beats through bass-heavy rap to sprawling, dreamy pop”

“A playful collection of sample-heavy songs that bridge the gap between R&B and electronic pop

“Tony Hawk-approved LA producer and fashion designer with a penchant for ‘80s-’90s nostalgia.”

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