Ducks Ltd release Get Bleak EP re-issue via Carpark Records, watch new video ‘Oblivion’

May 24 2021

Toronto via Melbourne’s Ducks Ltd. (fka Ducks Unlimited) releases its expanded Get Bleak EP reissue via Carpark Records, and presents the video for new single ‘Oblivion‘. The bonus track that didn’t appear on the original version of Get Bleak brings the band’s characteristic restless bounce, thoughtful lyricism and penchant for orchestration, while exploring self-destructive desires. Listen + watch HERE.

Ducks Ltd. elaborates“Oblivion is about depressive states and manic states and the way that they’re in some ways expressions of the same drive toward the obliteration of consciousness that I feel sometimes, and that I think maybe most people feel sometimes. Some days nothing seems more appealing than being enveloped by the grey expanse of nothingness! There’s a reference in the chorus to a Rothko painting I really like called Untitled (Black on Grey). If you’re inclined to be charitable you might think of the chorus as a kind of exercise in ekphrasis, but if you are not you should just go look at the painting. It is really good and I think probably a very clear expression of the thing this song is about!”

The reissue of Get Bleak allows listeners to revisit the tracks from their EP and gives an exciting glimpse of what’s to come from the band. Ducks Ltd. are brimming with potential, bringing the same warmth to listeners as when unearthing an old fantasy; wistful and existential, but full of new gusts of inspiration and radiance.

Get Bleak EP is out now via Carpark Records, buy/stream it here.

Get Bleak
Gleaming Spies
Annie Forever
As Big As All Outside
It’s Easy

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