DZ Deathrays unveil boundary pushing R.I.F.F. LP + announce national album tour

Photo by Luke Henery
June 2 2023


“ARIA Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album”

Bloodstreams, Black Rat

“AIR Best Independent Hard Rock or Punk Album”

Bloodstreams, Black Rat, Bloody Lovely

“AIR Best Independent Punk Album or EP”

Positive Rising: Pt 1

“Brilliant videos and songs and a great sense of humour and style”

Mark Ronson

“They write great riffs”

Luke Henery

“They speak to my soul. It just feels good listening to their music”


“More than worth going deaf to”


“This album has the potential to make your little sister want to shave her head and invest in mock leather hotpants”

NME Magazine UK

“Moody Aussie noisemakers DZ Deathrays bring the concept album back to life. Again…”

Kerrang (4/5)

“It’s built on the intuitive interplay between Parsons and Ewbank, whose heavily textured playing doesn’t always sound like guitars — more like a twin malevolent force that every so often waxes celestial, like sunlight spearing through storm clouds”

The Australian (4/5)

“Throughout Positive Rising: Part 2, undoubtedly DZ Deathrays’ most guitar-heavy record to date, Shane Parsons regulates vocal nuances like never before, guitarist Lachlan Ewbank slays multitudinous ways and Simon Ridley’s drumming can only be described as majestic”


“it’s blindingly obvious that these tracks were carefully constructed to absolutely smash venues to pieces when translated to a live setting”

Dead Press UK

“DZ Deathrays have gone beyond the noise and energy (which was excellent) that they had from the start and have created something truly epic, memorable and monumental. If there is any justice in this world, they should be huge”

Wall of Sound (10/10)

Hope For The Best
Tuff Luck
Shadow Walk
King B
My Mind Is Eating Me Alive
Grounded Or Dead
Eat You Up
Slow Down Interlude
Love & Destruction
No Talk

R.I.F.F. LP is out now, buy/stream it here.

DZ Deathrays today reveal their sixth studio album R.I.F.F. out via DZ Worldwide. With the release, the group excitedly announce their national album tour for July – September, presented by triple j, with the series of major city and regional performances supported by Press Club and dust. Catch the latest chapter of DZ’s legacy as one of the country’s most essential live acts, at their free album launch party tonight at Sydney’s Crowbar. TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE + LISTEN TO R.I.F.F. HERE.

R.I.F.F. is DZ Deathrays’ most experimental, enhanced and immediately resonant record yet, boasting a consistent finesse that stands by their roots with a modern, high definition sheen. From every house party that took them to 1000+ capacity venues and beyond, Shane Parsons, Simon Ridley and Lachlan Ewbank, have never let go of their core objective in doing it because they can. It’s this ethos, far from the perspective of egoism or fame-driven motivation, but rather their core value to ‘do’, ‘make’, ‘challenge’ and ‘enjoy’ that has stuck with DZ Deathrays at every step.

A creative integrity and ambition that maintains their place at the forefront of the national punk frontier with a hungry, enduring and rampant fanbase all these years later. This prevails on R.I.F.F., sparking that same playful joy and anarchy of the rock that doting parents vouch to instill in their children’s musical vernacular: ACDC, INXS, Silverchair, Tame Impala and more. Wholly collaborative between Shane, Simon, Lachlan, and producer Nathan Sheehy, R.I.F.F. covers a gamut of influences and life-stories the four feverishly passed back as demos and mixes while separated across three states. Canvassing layer after layer in constant communication.

Their biggest sonic departure yet includes album highlights ‘Paranoid’ (most recently Q Music Award winning in the ‘Heavy’ category), and ‘King B’ speak to DZ’s consistent finesse in R.I.F.F.’s genesis; a radically experimental epic on the latter that balances their carnage-inducing instincts with blazing synths, acoustic guitars and sparse piano; to ‘Paranoid’s forthright display of the group’s indispensable anthemability. ‘Tuff Luck’ scratches the periphery of the records unchartered territory, with crashing drums, gruff growling synths bound by oscillating percussion that usher Mordor into a contemporary doomsday hymn.

The Orwellian ‘My Mind Is Eating Me Alive’ swings with a sweet-sour lilt in its assessment of surveillance and the media, bearing a similar deceptive simplicity as two-piece Royal Blood, twisting consistently evolving melodies, glitchy triplets and video game like riffage. ‘Hope For The Best’ boasts the album’s most optimistic chorus – “I’m just talking about my life… years playing music, feeling sore and at times worn out but still loving it and I can’t think of doing anything else,” Shane reflects – balancing waves of euphoria with the closest lean DZ Deathrays have made into garage and surf rock, only to disintegrate a moment too soon in R.I.F.F.’s prismatic voyage.

Excavate further and you find post-punk revivalist tendencies in ‘Grounded Or Dead’, based in an Arctic Monkeys like alt-indie rhythm. Elsewhere existentialism and imposter syndrome find homes in the Britpop-led ‘Eat You Up’ and ‘Love & Destruction’ met with the spirited kick of Bloc Party and Blur. ‘Shadow Walk’, for “anyone who’s ever felt like there’s something that’s always hanging over their head or follows them no matter what they do in their life,” and ‘No Talk’, inspired by watching the Black Lives Matter movement reach a fever pitch (“there’s no walking on the sidewalk”), sit amongst spooling interludes enhanced by the angst and child-like spirit of Turnstile and FIDLAR.

R.I.F.F. as a whole reflects DZ’s place as a conduit for the aspirational next generation and their place in the zeitgeist, capturing the applause of their award-winning albums Bloodstreams and Positive Rising Parts 1 and 2 and their ability to continue to endure across a varied following – their music and merch found a place side by side with the recent Heartbreak High reboot. On their latest record, DZ promise a place to return to whenever, wherever; a forever home just like the classics do, be it a Dead Head collection or the formative nostalgia of The Killers and The Dandy Warhols in The O.C. Soundtrack.

Speaking to the Freaks and Geeks and the Dewey Finn’s in us all, R.I.F.F. sustains DZ’s long-cemented space in contemporary Australian music as a necessity. Their mainstay status includes fans in critically acclaimed producer Mark Ronson to rising popstar MAY-A and collaborators in cult-underground rapper NERVE, award-winning vocalists like Ecca Vandal, even a Wiggle. Conceived under the band’s mantra of why they do it, with R.I.F.F. DZ Deathrays inspire listeners to ignite a passion in themselves to continue to challenge and strive, making sure to always Remember It’s For Fun.

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