EARTHGANG unveils new single ‘Black Light’ as the beacon of their new EP

November 3 2023


“Knack for making trippy, melodic odes to life”


“One of the more imaginative hip-hop acts to emerge in recent years”

Rolling Stone

“When you’re in need of a bit of soulful braggadocio, your safest bet is to listen to some EarthGang”


“There is a theatricality to the music, as if they are donning personas and performing bits, paying homage to the many types of people they encounter and the place that produces them”



Robophobia EP out Nov 17

‘Black Light’ by EARTHGANG is out now, buy/stream here.

Today, dynamic Atlanta-based hip hop duo, EARTHGANG, returns with their latest single ‘Black Light’ hailing from their next EP installment, Robophobia, set to drop November 17. LISTEN TO ‘BLACK LIGHT’ HERE.

This fresh funk-inspired release comes on the heels of their EARTHGANG vs the Algorithm RIP Human Art EP, which hit airwaves last month. ‘Black Light’ paves the way as the lead single for their forthcoming Robophobia EP, with a vintage sound and soulful vocals, taking listeners back to the 70s when artists weren’t influenced by the digital age. Robophobia will serve as the second chapter in EarthGang’s three-part series under the Earthgang vs the Algorithm umbrella, which takes a bold stance against the pervasive influence of algorithms and focuses on true creativity and freedom.

‘Black Light’ skillfully combines elements of hip hop and funk to delve into the appreciation of raw human artistry. It boasts a mellow, laid-back tempo underscored by a smooth, groovy bassline that effortlessly envelopes the listener. The recurring lyrics “black light, expose your flaws” serves as a poignant reminder of our ability to acknowledge and grow from our own imperfections. The melodic R&B vocals beckon the audience to introspect and embrace their individuality.

EARTHGANG has garnered critical acclaim worldwide through their impressive discography that includes Mirrorland, Strays with Rabies, and GHETTO GODS. Their unique blend of southern hip-hop, soulful melodies, introspective lyrics, and genre-bending production has established them as one of contemporary hip-hop’s most innovative, original, and influential acts. Their work is often spotlighted by Rolling StoneNMEBETNPRGQ and more.

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