ella jane shares “I Wanna”

Photo by Maddy Rotman
September 24 2022

PRAISE FOR ella jane

“Guaranteed to send you deeper into your feelings… [a] star on-the-rise”

Paper Mag

“Ella Jane is Unapologetically, Authentically Herself in ‘Party Trick'”

Ones To Watch

“Captivating vocals”

Lyrical Lemonade

“I Wanna” by ella jane is out now, buy/stream it here.

ella jane today shares her latest single “I Wanna” via FADER Label, and gears up to hit the road for a swiftly-selling-out US headline tour. Listen/watch “I Wanna”HERE + pre-save Marginalia HERE.

“I Wanna” is pulsing with energy, reminiscent of that tingly coming-of-age feeling where you wanna be in love so badly. ella‘s fresh, bright voice pierces through the riff raff – winning you over with each quick turn of phrase and melodic lilt. The euphoric chorus gives impetus to her upcoming Marginalia EP, due later this fall.

The video was directed by Paris Mumpower and stars Tatiana Rinsby and Maggie Levone. In it, you can feel the tension and desire to fall in love so immediately. It’s simple and gorgeously wrought with tension.

Of the track, ella jane says, “I Wanna is probably my favorite song of mine to date. To me, it feels like the culmination of so many moments, both in my life and within the project. But ultimately, it’s a raw admission of the universal desire to love and be loved, triumphant yet vulnerable as it courses through the electric veins of a synth-pop anthem.”

ella continues, “Last summer, when a co-writing session found me addled with writer’s block, I dug through my voice memos in a desperate search for some seed, ANY seed, I stumbled across that first voice recording. The mumbled ‘I wanna be in love’s were enough to spark inspiration, and I was able to lay down the piano part and map out a tentative verse melody. The rest of the song came together in the form of late-night notes app poetry, fine-tuning the lyrics in the studio once I felt they were near-perfect. I worked with [co-writer] Steph Jones and [producer] Mike Irish to capture the coming-of-age feeling we were going for.”

ella jane‘s sound is a harmonious amalgamation of folk, soul and indie-pop. Her voice is so bright and controlled it’s addictive, as instantly replay-able – over and over again without reason – like Olivia Rodrigo, Wallice, Maude Latour. Her 2021 single “nothing else i could do” has amassed over 25 million streams on Spotify alone, and she has received praise from Paper, Ones To Watch, Lyrical Lemonade, and more (including Elton John, who said of “Calling Card” – “if there’s any justice in the world, it will be a big hit for Ella Jane… I really love it”). Her vision spans beyond music, writing and production, into the full creative realm, working with NY Times photographer Sabrina Santiago, photographer Maddy Rotman (recently shot Maggie Rogers & more), among others.

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