Eves Karydas announces valiant new album with latest drop ‘Girlboss’, Burnt Tapes LP out July 5 with east coast tour that month

Photo by Dan Puusaari
April 17 2024

PRAISE FOR Eves Karydas

“One of a kind”


“Exceptional songwriting talent”

Rolling Stone


triple j

Burnt Tapes LP
Independently out July 5

Sunday Drive
Hair Down
Burnt Tapes
Call Me!
Take 2
Best Light
Save Me For A Saturday
Weird Energy / Thick Of It

‘Girlboss’ is out now, buy/stream it here.

Elated to announce her new full length album, Eves Karydas shares her latest intrepid release ‘Girlboss’ lifted from the artist’s forthcoming record, Burnt Tapes, due July 5. Tickets are on-sale now for her national album tour across Eora / Sydney, Naarm / Melbourne and Meanjin / Brisbane. LISTEN HERE + PRE-SAVE LP + BUY TICKETS HERE.

Where ‘Sunday Drive’ doubled the nostalgia, ‘Girlboss’ is Eves Karydas’ starkest release yet, direct through all intents and purposes. Striking a similar ability to translate classic impulses into modern recalibrations as Lorde or Chapell Roan, and foundations that retain their impact when stripped entirely back. Devoid of embellished instrumentation to emphasise her songwriting, through ‘Girlboss’ Karydas reveals her most candid drivers emotionally and musically. Poking holes in the otherworldly and often extreme connotations of the “girlboss” verb (“I’m a whisper not a scream… maybe I like being soft?”), we come to understand how Eves has transformed her past experiences to serve as her own hero today: frank and entirely on her own terms.

“I started writing this song in jest more than anything,” Karydas explains. “The idea was born out of the desire to laugh at myself for being an overly sensitive person. It’s an ode to being a quiet girl and my fear of being misunderstood in a world that celebrates loudness. I suppose it’s my antithesis to the ideas that our generation of women were raised on; sometimes it’s hard not to see the girlboss machine as anything other than pressure put on women to shapeshift to fit into a man’s world. I own that it’s never as straightforward as that, and every woman has a different experience (as they should!), but for me, most days, I’m just trying to figure out where and how I fit in.

“I wouldn’t say I’m an outgoing person with an alpha personality type, but I do feel a quiet sort of confidence. I hate confrontation and I cry far too often. I’m comfortable sharing my feelings through songs, but most often don’t communicate well, and sometimes I feel as if I could go my whole life without anyone ever truly knowing who I am. I couldn’t have written this song without other female perspectives, and feel incredibly grateful to have shared the experience and connected with Amanda Cygnaeus and Madelene Eliasson who co-wrote this song with me.”

Featuring the triple j playlisted and Rolling Stone praised ‘Sunday Drive‘, Eves Karydas steadies to embark on a new trail, burning all the tapes and moving on. Written across Stockholm and Meanjin / Brisbane, recorded in London with Chris Zane (producer, summerskin), the milestone release is set to paint Eves’ ascent as a multidisciplinary creative. Inspired, driven and realised entirely by her own empowerment and autonomy – in control of all elements of her creative vision, fiercely self-managed and releasing music independently – Burnt Tapes is a stoic departure from the Karydas we currently know.

Reconstructing indignant burnout and frustration in the face of her perceived success, Burnt Tapes for Eves is “an ode to reclaiming my sound, image and narrative.” By no means a victim of circumstance, this new album is set to reveal a master of their instrument, the reward of choice and courageous freedom, and merit in embracing a guerrilla ethos. With musicality and conviction unlike before, Burnt Tapes shares an all new purview to her deepest motivations – songwriting and performance. An aptitude Eves Karydas is already recognised for, be it ARIA-platinum certification to over 60 million career streams (and counting).

Singer/songwriter Eves Karydas commands attention with platinum hits like ‘Further Than The Planes Fly’, and ‘Complicated’, the most added track to Australian commercial radio, reaching #22 on triple j’s Hottest 100. With sold-out tours, billing on every major Australian festival, and supporting the likes of Dua Lipa and George Ezra, her tracks have not only ingrained themselves in the fabric of the Australian cultural scene but have also found esteemed placements on streaming platforms around the world, as well as BBC Radio 1’s prestigious Best New Pop lineup. In 2024, Eves has become fully self-managed and independent, marking a significant shift in her approach. Her journey tells a powerful story of navigating a male-dominated industry while reclaiming her sound, image, and power after experiencing burnout from the industry’s tired “sex-sells” strategy. Today Eves sheds the past and embraces a fresh perspective.

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