Feign Jima launches captivating new EP Funny How Things Turn Out

Photo by Bridgette Winten
June 17 2022


“Fittingly, Feign Jima has captured the lolling ebb of the tide across the rocks. Pristine and hypnotic”

Dave Ruby Howe (triple j Unearthed)

“Swept up and feeling like I’ve been lost in my mind and in this song for a while. I wouldn’t want to be in anywhere else”

Claire Mooney (triple j Unearthed)

“Her voice takes centre stage here, sounding as timeless and effortless as that of Angel Olsen or Sharon Van Etten”

Beat Magazine

Funny How Things Turn Out EP is out now, buy/stream it here.

Feign Jima (pron. Faye-n Jee-mah), the project of Naarm / Melbourne based vocalist Jamie Fanning, today reveals her new EP, Funny How Things Turn Out. LISTEN HERE.

Replete with tender lyricism, fragility and a sincerity that’s seen Feign Jima cultivate a following across triple j Unearthed, FBi radio and more, her latest EP harnesses her voice through its arresting presence. Boasting a maturity beyond her years, in-line with her contemporaries Maple Glider, Julia Jacklin and Cigarettes After Sex, Feign Jima commands attention with each pause, elongated note and subtlety.

“Funny How Things Turn Out at its core is about navigating relationships of all descriptions,” Jamie reveals. “But it also has themes of healing and growth. It was written in a time when the world was tender and in my own bubble during all of it, was feeling much the same. With a lot of time to reflect, it’s also underpinned by hopefulness and warmth towards situations that never felt like they could be……funny how things turn out!”

With ‘Ultimate Defender‘ and ‘Beaches‘, Feign Jima displayed her ability to deliver break-taking prose. Now her musical sphere extends through tales of relationships with friends, family and ourselves, including the cathartic ‘Ballerina Baby‘, chronicling her time as a dancer for over 16 years (“suck it up and suck it in” she sings) and afflicted ‘Kitchen Table‘, a piecing together of a vision from a lost family member (“She said hold my secrets tight, I might be gone tomorrow night”).

Jamie continues, “Writing Funny How Things Turn Out mostly was spawned from healing a lot of old wounds and although at times it was incredibly fulfilling, the achiness that comes with doing that work meant I was writing music that felt delicate and warm and needed to be represented that way both sonically and visually. The raw nature of healing can feel exposing but often in the best and most necessary way and I feel I’ve touched on that a bit with this release.”

Fanning‘s iteration of meditative folk shines across an array of instrumental backdrops, resulting in a sanative project of healing and growth. Born from the world’s forced pause, Funny How Things Turn Out arrives co-produced by Mildlife‘s Jim Rindfleish (Meg Mac, Maple Glider, Lucianblomkamp), following Jamie‘s time as a backing vocalist for Bumpy, Slow Dancer and more. Today she arrives as Feign Jima, prompting her place as one of the nation’s next, must-hear voices.

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