FELIVAND returns with “Butterfly Wings” via Sweat It Out

February 24 2022

“Butterfly Wings” by FELIVAND is out now, buy/stream it here.

22-year-old Brisbane/Meanjin, Australia-based singer, songwriter and producer, FELIVAND, today shares her new single, “Butterfly Wings,” listen/watch HERE.

Showcasing a versatile, pop-leaning side to her repertoire, FELIVAND’s voice is slick and brimming with bold energy on “Butterfly Wings”. Contemplative and insightful, the track reads like a one sided conversation set to a swaying tempo, where percussion flourishes and woozy synths glide with FELIVAND’s lyrical questioning of the anxieties of life and her own spirituality. Teaming up with esteemed LA-based producers Wes Singerman (Anderson .Paak, Rich Brian, Kendrick Lamar, Carly Rae Jepsen) and Taydex (Wafia, Anderson .Paak, 21 Savage, Kyle Dion), the duality of sensitivity and attitude is mastered throughout the new track. 

About ‘Butterfly Wings,’ FELIVAND shares, “Sometimes I feel really protected and guided by a higher universal force and other times I feel defeated and clueless as to why things happen the way they do. I wrote this song when I felt directly in the middle of those two perspectives” Alongside the single, FELIVAND shares a music video created by Brooklyn-based animator Magdalene Kennedy. Taking on a dreamscape hue, FELIVAND says of the visuals, “Animation felt really fitting for ‘Butterfly Wings’ as it meant we could be playful and fluid with out ideas and create the glowy, curious, celestial sort of realm I had in mind.”

Away from the more fleeting emotions of adolescence, FELIVAND’s lyricism underwent an evergreen maturation, now ruminating on knotty questions of mental health, spirituality, interpersonal connections and her own place in the world. OkayPlayer, Bandcamp, COLORS, triple j, DJ Booth, and more are fans of her smooth, introspective, intoxicating sound, stay tuned for more soon.