FELIVAND shares “Big Little” from forthcoming debut ‘Ties’ LP

Photo by James Caswell
July 9 2022


“Achingly intimate and ethereal, FELIVAND’s latest single is a hazy, soul-soaked immersion”

Atwood Magazine

“easy, breezy and cool as spring”


“bits of fusion funk and breezy R&B melodies abound””


“smooth & introspective”


“A swirling pop gem from start to finish”


“memorably addictive”

Lyrical Lemonade


LA Mag

1. Way Out

2. Stolen Seats

3. Not My Way

4. Safe Here

5. Butterfly Wings

6. Where Were You

7. Big Little

8. Ripple Effect

9. Lately

10. My Cool

11. Ride Home

12. Seasons

FELIVAND, 22-year-old Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia-based artist, shares another gorgeous blend of Bedroom Pop and Alternative R&B, “Big Little”. This is the final single ahead of her forthcoming debut album, Ties, out August 5th, 2022 via Sweat It Out. LISTEN HERE

“Big Little” is about emotional support, showing off FELIVAND‘s addictive voice and keen ear for immaculately crisp production. In regards to the origin of the track, FELIVAND explains that, “Someone I love was struggling with their mental health and I wrote this song to and for them. A reassurance to them that I will always stick around, until problems that feel huge one day feel small.”

“I’ll make sure I’ll be right here / ‘Til the big feels little” – she sings to a friend going through a mental rough patch. The way the chords hold her gorgeous voice mimic the lyrics in a way that’s so intentional and perfect. When she reaches into her lower alto it gets so rich and wide, leading into the brightness of her higher notes. Everything feels so spacious but cozy at the same time.

Throughout her forthcoming debut album, Ties, FELIVAND‘s songwriting leans towards poeticism, nuance, and the metaphorical. Underneath rich bass lines, warm, jazz-flickered chords, harmonic vocal stacks and crisp percussion, she ruminates on knotty questions of mental health, spirituality, interpersonal connections and her own place in the world. Speaking to the upcoming release of her debut album, FELIVAND shares, “I have dreamt of recording an album ever since I can remember, so to see ‘Ties’ in its final form brings me a joy and satisfaction I can’t quite put into words. I have never felt more aligned with or proud of anything I have written before.”

Although FELIVAND still records in much the same manner as she began – a fruitful, abundant flurry of noodling around with samples, bass lines, vocal stacks and chords, cocooned in her bedroom’s secluded sphere of creation – Ties sees her open this once private sphere to outside collaborators including Wes Singerman, Taydex, Royce Wood Junior, Max Byrne, Tristan Hoogland, and more. Working collaboratively, FELIVAND’s vision comes into more clarified relief, able to oversee the flourishing of a song from germination to budding actualization.

Influenced by the likes of Kali Uchis, Solange, James Blake, among others, FELIVAND‘s recent projects have garnered praise from Billboard, COLORS, triple j, Bandcamp, Lyrical Lemonade, Apple Music (New Artist of the Week), and more. For an artist whose interwoven personal and creative development has always been on show, the story of FELIVAND is that of an artist continually growing into herself.

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