FELIVAND shares new single ‘Midsummer Sun’, announces Nerve EP out Oct 16

September 24 2020


“FELIVAND’s music is blissfully distinctive. Her lyrics are intimate and have a palpable sense of immediacy”


“Floats, but never drifts off too far that you lose interest.”

Richard Kingsmill, triple j (4.5 stars)

“A dreamy slice of R&B that’s equal parts thoughtful and fierce”

FBi Radio

“ genre-fusing act who aims to make her mark with her unique pop-tinged soul music”


‘Midsummer Sun’ by FELIVAND is out now, buy/stream it here.

21-year-old producer, singer and songwriter FELIVAND today shares her latest single ‘Midsummer Sun’. Following lead single ‘Trajectory’, ‘Midsummer Sun’ is the second track previewed from the rising neo-soul artist’s forthcoming second EP, Nerve, due out October 16. Listen HERE

Co-written and produced by close friend Allan McConnel (Close Counters), ‘Midsummer Sun’ lulls you in with easy, quixotic nostalgia before revealing the bite that lies underneath. Artfully and acutely, FELIVAND imparts the painful pull of caring for someone who doesn’t care enough for themselves and the helplessness and questioning of watching them give into their own self-destructive tendencies. With bold and resolute synth chords in the foreground, FELIVAND fills ‘Midsummer Sun’ with brilliant arpeggiators, crunchy percussion and warm, earthy melodies, bridging the smooth neo-soul stylings of Jorja Smith and Solange with glimmers of IGOR-era Tyler, the Creator.

FELIVAND’s forthcoming sophomore EP follows on from her radiant 2018 debut, In Bloom, which won her early fans from COLORS, Bandcamp, Apple Music (Artist of the Week), triple j and more. Nerve represents a maturation of her sound, a seamless slide into a slinkier, darker shade of pop that simultaneously expands her creative horizons while also capturing that rush of an artist currently coming into her own.

Nerve plays like a beguiling trick mirror, reflecting back different images at different moments. Look on one day from a particular angle, and you might hear the soundtrack to long, lonely nights spent spiralling down existential wells of everything ever said and done; look at it on another day and from another angle, and you might now hear the soundtrack to an endless Summer drive, where the wind courses through your hair and the immeasurable beauty of the world prickles at your senses. 

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