Gaga music celebrates over a decade of service

April 8 2022


Today, Gaga Music, the fiercely independent music company across publishing and sync, celebrates a decade of the company’s tenure with the formal launch of their in-house distribution service, Gaga Digi

Born out of necessity, Gaga Digi, company founder and director Grant Gillies explains, “There was no ambition to be a label as such, more an additional service for our Published songwriters. We were in a fortunate situation of landing Australian artists in TV ads around the world and we needed to make those songs available. As a wider company, we’ve been placing music around the world for 15 years now, so we’re not really an aggregator with a sync department rather a sync department with an aggregation arm.”

With the goal of delivering fair and proactive services for all artists, Gaga Digi is helmed by an engaged, hands-on team providing carefully curated services across their distribution and creative services. Driven by their ability to generate meaningful opportunities that elevate an artists’ release, Gaga Digi offers release planning, scheduling and pitching, alongside sync representation both locally and abroad. Plus an exclusive and efficient artist portal to handle all data management and royalties accordingly. 

Gaga Music prides themselves on creating moments for all their artists. For their intimate team, it’s not about subscriptions, ticking boxes, or ownership, It’s about a healthy balance between tech and people. Alex shares ”Where’s the fun if we’re not working with artists? We’re an approachable team of indie music people, with a solid tech frame and we pitch songs for a living… On the creative side, sync can be a really fun world for artists to get involved in and diversify their income streams.”

As a digital aggregator Gaga Music have previously worked with Courtney BarnettKing Gizzard and the Lizard WizardA. Swayze and The Ghosts, amongst many others over the years. Now led by Alex PrudamesGaga Digi are thrilled to share the addition of BrightnessFlorianAngie HudsonMatt Hsu, and Third Eye Stimuli Records, amongst others, to their digital distribution family. 

Gaga Music, playing with copyright since 2007 and now, a distribution service that counts. 

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